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Raw Milk and Lemonade sold WITHOUT Permits - NO Arrests

“We proved without a doubt that laws are arbitrary and arbitrarily enforced. Last year, people were arrested at the same spot for this same activity. This year we were ignored. It's not about enforcing the statute.”

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Omg! Wth!

You mean people actually drank raw milk and unlicensed lemonade and they didn't die immediate, agonizing, horrible deaths?

They probably

all got retinal ID scans for future 'disappearing' purposes.

Avoiding negative PR

The government didn't want any negative publicity from this event, that is why there were no incidents.

Their attacks on raw milk and lemonade stands will continue, however.

If You Can Get Milk Out Of A Ram

I will vote for you in November


"RAM" should be RAW

or EWE, because rams don't give milk, just ewes. LOL!