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Illinoisans heading to Tampa?


I am planning on heading to Tampa, perhaps via Ronvoy (I am in Champaign, IL and might take the Springfield or Terra Haute stop) or via bus if anyone knows of one that's heading out there (It seems like it'd be way easier to just sleep on a bus then to bring camping gear out).

I just really feel like this is history in the making and I'd hate to miss it. I figure it'd be neat to pass the memory on to one's children someday. Anyone from Illinois or thereabouts heading out as well?

Would be fun to hear from some more folks :)

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shucks, anyone wishing to

shucks, anyone wishing to sell their Ronvoy ticket? :/

I saw that tickets for the

I saw that tickets for the ronvoys seem to no longer be available :( Does anyone know of a bus leaving from the midwest besides Michigan? Been hunting around, but haven't found anything.

Anyone from Illinois,

Anyone from Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana planning on going who frequents the Daily Paul? :)