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A Birthday Tribute To Ron Paul, From The Lions Of Liberty

Hi all,

Myself and my fellow authors posted this tribute to Ron Paul for his bday today. Hope you'll enjoy our testimonials of how Ron Paul has influenced our beliefs and led us to start our website to promote liberty.

The Lions of Liberty crew would like to wish a very happy 77th birthday to Congressman Ron Paul. As most followers of this site can attest, Dr. Paul has been an inspiration to myself as well as the three other authors on this site. While we have many differences in our personal journeys and even philosophies at times, I think it is safe to speak for the group when I saw that Congressman Paul has had a profound influence on all of us.

Not only has Ron Paul’s philosophy of individual freedom helped to shape our own belief systems, but his consistency and perseverance in proudly stating those beliefs, even in the face of scorn and ridicule, directly inspired the creation of this website. Myself and my fellow authors for years had back and forth conversations about the ideals of liberty beginning in 2007 during Ron Paul’s initial run for the Republican nomination. But last year we decided that if things were to truly change, people like us would have to break out of our little liberty social club and “shout from the rooftops” so to speak. Luckily for us the internet is the new rooftop, and a website is the new megaphone.

In honor of Congressman Paul’s birthday and as a tribute to his influence on this site, below we have linked to our “Ron Paul testimonials” series, where each of us described how Ron Paul influenced our beliefs and made us the liberty lovin’ men we are today.

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May he live

For a thousand years! Come on Cyborg Ron Paul!

Unlimited presidential

terms, kind of goes against everything Dr. Paul believes. You know, following the constitution and all that jazz. We don't need a dictator. We just need the government out of our lives.