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What happened with the lawyers for Ron Paul?

What happened with the refiled refile? I can't seem to find any information on how the case ruled?

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Gilbert tweeted he was due in

Gilbert tweeted he was due in court at 9a.m. today and there were going to be fireworks. And yet there is nothing on Judge Carters calendar about the case today at all. What's up with that?


wait until tomorrow morning

Judge was ticked that Gilbert filed an amended complaint AND an appeal. Judge explained to him how the legal system works and told him tonight to make up his mind by the morning or else he'll throw the case out entirely.

My mother used to say "or else".

Even though you are for obam-ney (why, is well beyond my comprehension), you seem to be very astute.

Why do you antagonize these folks?


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I don't have a clue who or what the hell you're talking about.

Are you five years old trying to be cute or something?

Try commenting using names people can understand.

Otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time including your own.


As to "why", there's not an easy answer. Something about this lawsuit has really piqued my interest. It's just a truly entertaining piece of political (and legal) theater.

Romney v. Paul

I've been wanting to ask you...what do you like about Romney and not about Paul that you're a Romney supporter? You seem smarter than Romney and Obama put together, so I am sincerely interested. (I wonder what I am missing that you see?) Care to share? Please? Are you his son, or related? Thanks!


Here are some thoughts I wrote on this topic 4 months ago when I first joined the Daily Paul: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2392879.

Regarding the question of why not Ron Paul, I will make a few comments and hopefully not anger a lot of people. I think he does a fabulous job as the leader of an ideological movement. As a congressman, he's done a decent job but also has been relatively unsuccessful in building coalitions with other congressmen to pass the legislation that he wants. As a President, he would be facing an entirely different job description, and he doesn't appear to me to have a skill set that is well matched to that job. If I lived in his district I might have very well voted for him to keep his seat in Congress. But I didn't vote for him for President. Since I don't think he has the right skill set for that job, I would have to feel that ideologically he was so much closer to me than the other candidates were - and that was not the case. I've said before that I would be pleased to see Ron Paul have some type of Cabinet role in a Romney administration. I think he could do that job and do it well. But I think we need someone else as President.

R v P Response

Thank you very much for responding. Someone down-voted you AGAIN, so I up-voted you. I can see your point about RP. He did sorta say that as Pres. he didn't want the power and would get out of the way. (I'm too tired to expound on that.) But he seems to know what to do a lot more than anyone else. I think he's pretty stellar! And that's without specific prep work. I'm disappointed I wasn't more enlightened about Romney. After hearing RP, I haven't heard anyone as smart and wise. And, I'm sorry to say, MR hasn't come across to me as you described.:( (more...another time..ty)

PS: More on ideology, yours and what you think his are, would be helpful. If you don't want to share publicly, would you please email me? It would also be helpful to know your age bracket: under 30, over 60, or in-between. Thank you.

PPS: What would convince you to go with RP? You're not concerned about your safety, well-being, and losing your rights? If I wanna vote, but not for R, O, or J, and don't want to 'waste' it, what would you suggest? What are your views on Palin? Who else is 'running' besides Roseanne Barr? (Maybe I'll vote for her? ;\) What would help RP win it, in your view? Sorry for all the questions. Just really interested in your thoughts. ;) (Thanks.)

as to your PS

feel free to email me through the link on this board if you have some things you want to discuss about ideology.

As to your PPS, there is nothing at this point that could convince me to go with Ron Paul. Even excluding any ideological considerations or thoughts about who would be a good President, the primary race is over. Romney won, and the other candidates lost. Within 7 days from this moment, he will be the official nominee. Nothing can be done to make Ron Paul win it. He is not going to become the President of the US.

Barring some black swan event like a debate stage being swallowed up into the earth in a massive earthquake, either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will win the general election in November and be the President for the next 4 years. Everyone should realize that a vote for anyone besides these two is practically equivalent to a vote for whichever one you like least, and that both are practically equivalent to not voting. HOWEVER, people should also realize that the election is not going to hinge on your vote. The chance of your vote actually turning out to be the difference between Romney or Obama being elected is infinitesimally small. In other words, it's not going to make a difference anyway so you might as well vote for whoever you like best.

Not if that pole-shift happens...

but...wait a second - is the asteroid hitting us before the poles shift?
If the poles shift, will that screw-up the calibrated alignment of the gigantic asteroid-attracting Buckyball-fiber inflatable spaceships that Dr. Gilbert is working alongside the Pentagon on placing into geosynchronous orbit above the Earth. What if it does screw it up??!!
I'm so catastrophically confused...



a vote for anyone besides these two is practically equivalent to a vote for whichever one you like least

Bollocks. At most you could say that a vote for anyone besides these two (or not voting at all) is a vote for whatever candidate gets your state's electoral votes. I disagree with the "vote for the lesser of two evils" argument, but certainly not voting for either of the evils is in no way equivalent to a vote for the greater evil, whichever one you happen to think that is.

And even that's not really accurate. A significant number of votes for a third-party candidate, whether it's Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or someone else, sends a message. If a significant percentage of voters vote for liberty candidates, it will get the attention of politicians. It will encourage potential liberty-minded candidates to run, because it will show that there *is* support out there.

If, on the other hand, you vote for Romney, it will encourage more neo-con warmongering big-spending banking industry candidates. You get more of what you reward.

And finally, even if your vote isn't counted (such as in a state that doesn't allow write-ins at all) voting your conscience is never wrong. Don't let anyone tell you that your vote has to be "strategic" or that you have to vote for the lesser of two evils.


I both made and refuted the "lesser of two evils" argument in my post and presented a reason why it made sense to vote your conscience. The ultimate conclusion is that your vote won't make much difference anyway, so why not? I did misspeak originally, though, and you make a good point about the electoral college, so let me restate....

Regardless of the statement that can be made by voting 3rd party (and there definitely is one), the conditions for a 3rd party victory are not present in 2012. Not only will Gary Johnson not win, he will not get a single electoral vote. No matter what state you live in, it will be won by Romney or Obama. So all that matters in determining who gets the electoral votes is the relative counts for Romney and Obama. Voting 3rd party is NOT the same as voting for the one you like least, but for purposes of determining electoral votes in this election, it is the same as not voting at all. Once one factors in that fact that hundreds of thousands to many millions in your state will vote, the value of a vote for Romney and a vote for Obama converge (to the equivalent of a vote for neither or no vote). They're all basically the same when looked at on an individual voter level in a statewide election. So you might as well vote for your favorite.


I don't think I like your answers. ;D

Have any others?! :D

Shazam! Doesn't The Shazad have any magical powers???

I always think you do when I see your id. ;)

Thanks for writing. I'll stew on it some more.

If you come up with anything else, please post. (I'll be watching for it.)

MY magical powers are working for RP first, and a brokered convention 2nd.
I apologize I'm not rooting with you at this time. ;) But I still wanna hear what you got to say. :D (Thanks :))

sorry - that's all I've got for now

Maybe we'll talk in a couple weeks once the convention is over and the nomination is complete.



I just would like to know

Who are the down votes from?, People disapointed that the Case was a failure from the start?

There's been some downvoting

There's been some downvoting trolls lurking around...

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

So . . .

No replies?


So now, Get on with taking your country back, As an INDIVIDUAL!, Do not rely on some lawyer!! Seriously!

Save the Republic, Educate the Masses, End the Fed!!