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These families are prepared! Check out this video.

This is a video someone emailed me several years ago but it's certainly great to watch right now with all us being targeted by the DHS.

Lots of outdoor shooting to the tune of Marshall Tucker Band - Can't you see.

Redneck Family Reunion


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@ 1:00 the little kid's shirt says

"Proud American, Proud Firefighter, BUSH-CHENEY."

Ignorant rednecks is what you see.


True We the people but

this video is OLD and back then hardly ANYONE was "awake". Bush-Cheney was the ticket gun rights people were behind. I agree it now looks silly to see that shirt on the boy...but today I bet he wears a Ron Paul Shirt or an Oathkeepers shirt.

I hope so.

But apparently, there's still a lot of ignorant rednecks that are still victims of the television and voting for Romney - who supported banning even semi-automatics.

Is there an updated video of some rednecks wearing Ron Paul shirts and shooting machine guns? That would be good.