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A rant about the fight in the South

"Ron Paul is a loser. Ron Paul is a racist hypocrite. Why are you still fighting when you've already lost," are the words I hear in the deep south Facebook realm. Out of 200 friends on the site, only 9 like Ron Paul. That's about the same percentage that voted for him in Alabama. Unless you tallied it from the delegate votes he got. (Which if you don't know, is the clearest example of voter fraud this year.) Out of 9 people on Facebook only 3-4 actually still fight to educate the blind, enlighten the ignorant. Its a tough fight down here.

Sadly the majority of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee are die hard neo-con, kill 'um all, gung-ho, Bush wannabes. Its the bible belts way or the highway. Sadly, these beliefs are only held because of racist fear for their religions persecution of brown bearded men who live in caves. They love their guns and love seeing stuff "blown to hell". The fight is tough down here in the South.

I'm always posting topics about the Federal Reserve, NDAA, domestic spying, and needless wars. "Surely my posts are getting through to someone," I think to myself. Typically I'm left alone and one or two Romney supporters will raise hell when I mention writing the good Dr. in. That's the worst thing I could put in a post. O lord!!!

I'm told to quit trying. I'm told to give in. I'm told I'm supporting a loser. In my heart I'm fighting tyranny. I'm fighting for the constitution and our freedom.

Why are people so blind? I'm venting because I am tired. I've struggled and fought to defend our presidential choice for 5 years with minimal success. I've knocked door to door, slim jimed cars at football games. I've driven over 1000 miles to hear Dr. Paul speak in Louisiana and phone bank there as well.

The only image that I have that revitalizes me is that of Dr. Paul's struggle for 30+ years. I write this to inform all of my "Yankee" friends that pitching Dr. Paul to your liberal or Neo-Con friends is tough. It can always be worse. You guys make me wish I lived in New Hampshire. Its hard to find like minded friends to lean on around here. Never stop trying guys. Never stop growing our #s.

Fighting the tough fight in the South,
Randall Knapp

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I'm From the Deep South--Louisiana...

...and I've won many people over to Ron Paul's staunch, constitutional platform. Most people know the behemoth-size that government has grown into and are very concerned... they just need to be educated about the constraints that the Constitution puts on the government, and who best supports those restraints. There are more people willing to know than not if one does not come across as a know-it-all, but genuinely concerned for the country. The problems that we face have been brought on by both parties...so I've been able to talk to Dems and Repubs both about Dr. Paul.

Head Banging

One of the problems we have in the USA is that there isn't a whole bunch of critical thinkers in the population. It is to easy to be a Republican because Dad was, or to be a Baptist because the whole family is. When arguing against accepted thoughts as opposed to reasonably arrived at thoughts, there is a different dynamic involved.

It is one thing to argue with a person who is a critical thinker who tests the input to the brain before an idea is accepted and a person who "accepts" and processes into his brain ideas sans critical thought.

How can a person who accepts ideas without analysis be asked to examine a contradictory thought? That person doesn't accept critical thinking as a tool for thought--unless--it is necessary in earning a living and even then the process isn't used outside of the workplace.

When arguing with a reasonable, critical thinker, the argument is analyzed and compared to knowledge already held by the participants, and the argument can go either way, depending on the validity of the arguments. When arguing with a non-critical thinker what happens is the unreasonable person feels that his belief system is under attack and takes a defensive tack, not to analyze the discussion, but to safeguard his comfort zone.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Your last paragraph sums up

Your last paragraph sums up Alabama

You know how stupid the

You know how stupid the average person is? Now realize that half of them are more stupid than that!

The politicians that win are likely to reflect the values of

those voting. It is a sad commentary on the US population that Ron Paul's values are only reflective of the very few who vote for him.

Look at the values of those in power, and consider that a reflection of the values of those who voted him in. It is a shame that we will all struggle to keep from drowning as the collapse of the debt ridden federal government and the fraudulent monetary system sink the ship. It ultimately will be a matter of every man for himself, and those most dependent on the system will be the most vulnerable.

We have a preponderance of the same neo-con crap here in Southern Missouri.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

dont get

Tired yet

Neo-Con Georgia!

I Live in georgia and i tell you most of the people i know that are over 40 they regurgitate the crap talking points from neo-conservative talk show hosts like sean hannity, neal boortz, and herman cain. It's really sad they have been brainwashed for 30 years. They are not open minded in any way no matter how silly their argument is. Only way for the south to turn liberty minded is in 30 years when the young folks such as my self become older and we've educated our children to be liberty minded. Let's just hope america still even resembles what it does now and its not too late to save. Alot of neocons want to jump ship and move problem is they are to dumb to see they are part of the problem as well its not just the democrats. I'll stay here and peacefully fight for liberty till the end.

representing bethlehem,georgia since '08 !!

But not all of us! I'm an

But not all of us! I'm an over-40 Gwinnett county Ron Paul supporter, there are a lot of us here. Also headed to Tampa to sign wave and support the troop's march and to hear Ron Paul. There are some similiarities we can build on here in the South - the debt, pro-gun ownership, etc. and keep promoting freedom! I know what you are saying though, having seen some of the Washington state videos from last winter/spring, I wish I could've been there to join in the enthusiasm. Same with New Hampshire.

Hang In There, Buddy

I'm in Alabama & know exactly how you feel. It's true we are being ostracized by the establishment (not necessarily Romney supporters). Keep in mind the reason they dont want true conservatives in the party is b/c it was hijacked by democrats a long time ago. Most people don't realize who they are really voting for these days. They just vote for a party, not realizing the candidate is not a conservative. Thanks faux news!

Don't lose hope, we can get Ron Paul Republicans elected if we don't let them chase us away. I suck it up & help when needed, knowing I may need these folks to help me get a Ron Paul Republican elected one day.

Lew Rockwell for congress / senate / etc ?

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

Randall, I know exacly how

Randall, I know exacly how you feel. I live in Oklahoma, where knowledge of history, both past and present are almost non.existent. It's an uphill battle to make even 1 person remove the blinkers from their eyes. Absolute willful ignorance is the norm.

Stop whining

I am in Tn and have worked hard to get the message out,I wear a Ron Paul button or shirt everwhere I go and I have many people talk to me about Dr Pauland many thank me for standing strong.In fact over the last couple of years I have a lot more positive comments and I never attack people for there beliefs. Let me ask all those that are complaining here how well do you know the message? If you can`t answer there questions and make strong intelligent discussions of the issues then you will never get the message out and it is no wonder that you have limited success. Yes this is the bible belt but that is a good way to attack there warmongering as God said blessed are the peace makers not blessed are the WARMONGERS,maybe it is time to adjust your approach as to many here it will take a while to understand that fiat money is the biggest problem so learn to use there beliefs to make your points for you!

In Liberty Dan
Only Ron Paul 2012

Don't Despair

Education is a slow process; it takes time to change minds and hearts in an established paradigm.
But truth can't be denied forever. Eventually, even slow learners find the wisdom of common sense.
The key is introducing the freedom message in small doses in a measured voice and letting others put the pieces of the puzzle together by themselves.
Keep the faith liberty lovers in the South, of which you and I are among a growing number.

It helps to wake them to the fact the Fed created the muslims...

That always gets a lot of eyes looking up and starting to examine everything again.

When they hear the word "The Fed created the Muslims, and were paid by Rockefeller." A big ol' light-bulb starts to go off in their heads....all at once.

Keep doing it, tell them all to look up the Fed! How the Fed has been financing/training the Muslims for 90+ years and how the Fed has been depreciating the dollar everywhere. Bit by bit.

They'll really get upset when they find out they've been hoodwinked by the Fed and their liberals, how the Saudis & Israelis etc. have stolen virtually everything they own. They bought into a lie that the Muslims did it to them, so show them 'twas the Fed which did it.

Just remember

We are he for the LOOONNNGGG haul and for Restoring Dr. Paul's Ideas. If things go well for us in Tampa then we can celebrate at least for a while.

Its not just about The man, its also about The message i tell my folks at my Monthly GOP meets. People dont want to hear about the problems, They want solutions so I give it to them. They like government so I say Audit The Fed! They want low prices so I say Legalize Competing Currencies, if Gold fails you'll always have that Fed money to Bail you Out LOL

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Stay strong and keep fighting!

I know all too well about how things are in the Deep South, including Alabama; I've spent a good bit of time in the Mobile area. This is just tough territory for real conservatives/constitutionalists/libertarians even though the South is overrun with people complain about nearly everything the government does especially "how big it is an how it's taking away all our rights!" BTW, thanks for helping out in Louisiana, my home state. People down here are hard to win over but it can be done; people can come out of the darkness of Neoconservatism. I still remember thinking how "cool" it was to watch the bombing and destruction in Iraq back in 2003. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach when I think about some of the degrees I would have gone to to enforce the War on Drugs. Times change though, and so can people.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual


I live in Mobile, well Daphne. The hardest part is being called delusional. It really isn't good for my mental well-being to be called this by people when I know that I'm right. I feel like I just need to stop and forget about all of this for a while, and then people start getting detained indefinitely and I just want to scream.

same here

been ostracized to the max down in GA. Still. I keep puttin it out there hoping they'll wake the hell up !

LOve the R3volution.......Ron Paul 2012

Hang in there -it's changing