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Usually You Save the Best for Last, RNC Puts Rand Paul On First Night - Vote in our poll

Rand Paul will be one of the first speakers to speak at at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week. Rand is scheduled to start shortly after the opening of the evening session Monday, at 7:45 PM. According to the RNC schedule, Rand was placed in between a video package & "various speakers". He's at least 10 speakers/performers away from the keynote of the night, Ann Romney. According to one report, ABC, NBC, and CBS will only air one hour of coverage per evening from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Are you happy with the spot the RNC gave Rand Paul? Vote in our poll @ http://libertychat.com/usually-you-save-the-best-for-last-rn...

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Ann Romney?

Phony---with all that money her hair still looks fake blonde and her stylist sucks.


Rand Paul needs to

Come right out of the gate with the facts of the shenanigans the Republicans, under Romney, have pulled not only on Ron Paul, but also the state delegations and the coercion involved in this campaign. Bring out the fact that mathematically Romney cannot win the electoral college vote and remind the delegates that the purpose of the convention is to nominate a candidate who can win. Point out the lack of support Romney has, not only with the base but with the all too critical independents. He should say that at the time he endorsed Romney, he believed that Romney could win, then say that current circumstances clearly show that is no longer the case. Then make an impassioned appeal to the delegates that a vote for RP can win and that this election is way too important to lose because of the financial condition of the Republic. Point out that RP is the only one who understands the economics of the situation, he predicted it years ago and is the only candidate who understands how to solve it now. Of course he will need to bring his own wireless microphone to the podium as a reserve, because they will likely cut the audio feed on him.

Camera pans to hundreds of cheering RP delegates chanting "President Paul, President Paul"

not terrible spot. Best two

not terrible spot. Best two nights are the first and Romney's