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Patch.com: Marianne Stebbins plans to report 32 votes for Ron Paul during roll call of states

Although former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee, Stebbins says she still plans to report 32 votes for Dr. Paul, including her own, during the nomination roll call of the states and is hopeful that, within convention rules, Dr. Paul’s name may be placed in nomination and he is given the opportunity to speak at the convention. Stebbins also said she will support GOP platform planks and resolutions endorsed by Dr. Paul.

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I hope this happens

But I am not happy. I am a taxpayer spending $18 million on a GOP convention, and I have to beg to have a voice?


The roll call of the states is...

the only part of the convention I want to watch. Go Minnesota! Go Marianne! You make us proud!

Minnesota Mary

Minnesota for liberty!!

Way to go marianne! I was very honored to represent my district and Ron Paul at the state convention. Thank you for representing us well!

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Go Marianne...

And bless you for all you and all your fellow delegates for Ron Paul are doing!

Sweet Liberty

Should you be

broadcasting this? Will Romney/obama thugs beat her up? (they are both in cahoots the chicago way)

Keepin' it real.