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Call for Liberty Activist and new Ron Paul Painting


Hi, it's Elizabeth Rathbone again and I am calling for some Liberty activist to help stop corrupt government officials at all stages. I am currently in Beech Mountain, North Carolina where I met with Leslie Hayhurst, the local founder/director of Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary, and she told me how the local city council has all but run her center to the ground. I will be filming her telling her story later this week, but it is sickening, and I think we as liberty activist can do something about it. THe main people in charge of destroying her business are Randy Feierabend (town manager), Stacy Eggers (town attorney), and Rick Owen (town mayor). I have heard countless stories of government officials ruining small business owners lives, and I think it is time we do something about it. I think that taking two minutes out of your day to write and tell these corrupt officials what you think will greatly make a difference, and we can take down corrupt officials one by one. Please, let this encourage you to write your own personal stories, or anyone else's you meet, of corrupt officials abusing their power and providing names, email addresses and phone numbers so that we as activist all across the nation tell them what we think and that their actions will not go unnoticed. I've also provided a sneak peek of a second Ron Paul portrait that I am painting on the video I provided a link to. May the fight for LIBERTY continue and continue strong!

Randy Feierabend- manager@townofbeechmountain.com

Stacy Eggers- 828-264-3601 eggers-law.com/contactus

Rick Owen - 828-387-4236