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Wanna Get Real Regarding Adam Kokesh - Watch This:

"Adam Kokesh punches Ron Paul"


Adam Kokesh says he is the leader of the grassroots and we are all sick of Ron Paul not letting him share the stage with Ron. He says none of us want anything to do with Rand Paul and we are all sick of Ron Paul inc. Kokesh has changed alot in the past 2 years but says it is Ron Paul who has changed, maybe the guy just needs to take a step back and reflect. By the end of the video I extend a hand to Kokesh but only after I vent about the things, not all, but alot of us feel about his actions.

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VERY sincere video. I too have always supported Adam Kokesh...

I especially liked that sign he held up at the RNC while McCain was speaking in 2008!

But the guy who put this video together is really sincere and correct in that we should not be in-fighting.

Our movement is just too small for division. We can't AFFORD it. And that is what the RNC/GOP would LOVE to have happen anyway.

Adam has his reasons for being bitter and I don't know all of them, but I hope this video helps to smooth things out for now.

I certainly understand his anger against the RNC, GOP, MSM, etc. I am with him on that because I too am so pissed off that I see red most the time.

And I must admit - it's sometimes very hard to "keep our decorum" as Dr. Paul has advocated.

I have even seen Dr. Paul get pissed off ocassionally (and I love it) during public events (like the debates).

But for the most part he somehow keeps his calm and makes his points with philosophy, education and FACTS.

So I think the spirit of the video was great and that guy spoke from his heart something which may needed saying regarding Adam's latest tirades.

I truly hope Adam Kokesh finds some satisfaction and peace of mind from the coming weekend because God knows he has eearned it and deserves it.

But I also agree that he should lay off bashing Dr. Paul.

Adam is NOT the enemy but then again neither is Ron Paul or even Rand for that matter.

NO one has put himself out there more for the cause of liberty than Dr. Paul, and the last thing this movement can afford is to make him into the bsd guy.

SURE it hurt that Rand endorsed Romney (on Hannity's show no less).

But we have to get past that for now and realize we are here because of RON - NOT RAND.

And also realize that the enemy is too big and far advanced for us to break up into factions and be fighting within.

That will only hinder the cause of liberty which is already in a lot of hot water.

WRITE IN RON PAUL 2012 - To Restore America Now.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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