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Remember, Remember

"Remember what the establishment said about Reagan; He's radical and out of touch, and dangerous. It's the same thing the establishment now says about Ron Paul. What's so dangerous about him? He wants to return to the Constitution. And though the Constitution is our founding document and embodies our first principles of limited government, sound money, and personal freedom, we have drifted so far from it that a return to those principles would indeed mean substantive change to the government. The only danger Ron Paul represents is to the establishment that fears it's own loss of power. We've drifted so far, drowned so deep in debt, lost so many of our rights, fought so many fruitless wars, that if we don't rock the boat now, we may end up sinking."

“What if democrats and republicans were simply two wings on the same bird of prey. What if elections don’t actually matter and are used instead for social control? What if they only provide the populous with meaningless participation, in a process that validates an establishment that never meaningfully changes?"

- Judge Andrew Napolitano


Delegates...Please rock the boat...I hear there's a hurricane brewing!!