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Made in the USA's #1 Export: Paper (No Joke!)

Aside from some Keynesian fallacies and unsettling waste from the military industrial complex, this documentary has some redeeming stories of ingenuity and a glimpse into capital-intensive processes oft slighted in some circles of public discourse.

"This is the only warehouse in the port that stores American made goods. It's the size of seven football fields and right now all it holds is paper. Rolls and rolls of paper. That's because we ship more containers of paper to the world than anything else by far. And one man is responsible for keeping it all moving." Hint: For once it's not Bernanke.

America Revealed: "Made In The USA"

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ha ha, I thought you meant Federal Reserve Notes

I think that is the #1 US export.

How did you think the Fed bailed out other Central banks?

It takes rolls of paper to make all those Pounds and Euros.

A corollary to Rothschild's axiom of "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" is this:

"Give me control of the paper and I care not what else you deign use to wipe your arse."


That's our #2 XD