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Ron Paul GOP Delegates May Not Back Romney

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 21 (UPI) -- Ron Paul delegates nationally could deny Mitt Romney their votes if the Republican National Convention shuns Paul's Oklahoma delegates, a campaign lawyer said.

The Paul campaign attorney told the Republican National Committee's Committee on Contests a political battle could erupt at next week's convention in Tampa, Fla., over its promised refusal to seat Paul delegates.

The RNC fears Paul's supporters from at least six states will disrupt the convention, which is intended to coalesce support for Romney, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, The Portland (Maine) Press Herald reported.

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Why would Ron Paul supporters

Why would Ron Paul supporters back Mitt Romney when he said that he was not going to take his effort and focus on the fed. then,he said that Ben Bernanke is doing a good job. An Obama appointee.A few months after the Federal Reserve was created the national debt was $2.3 billion. Today it is nearing $16 trillion. Why did Wilson after signing this bill and the bill that created the Federal Income tax Act say that he had betrayed his country? to be sure that the federal government kept taking from taxpayers as much as possible the IRS was signed into law by FDR in 1933. Obama's Obamacare created 16,500 new IRS agents. We need less government, not more.

Bob Marshall

spinning wheels

playing poli-tricks.
GOP will never end going to war .... if the they change that then great.

not holding breath for that to happen.

Hope RP delegates stand up and shout for RP to speak and only support him NOT Romney ... sounds like that is too late now after they made a deal with the Elephant devil.

Ron Paul delegates set to strike deal with RNC

Ron Paul delegates set to strike deal with RNC

""We are extremely pleased with how this platform is going," said the source close to Paul. "It is a very constitutionally conservative, little 'l' libertarian document. They have really gone out of their way to address issues that we care about, the tea party cares about and the independent minded folks coming into the party the party care about."

Specifically, the Paul campaign was pleased with the tough language in the platform regarding the Federal Reserve and a willingness to at least allow a public discussion on other issues even if they were not adopted."

WTF: Surrender?


You say surrender I say

You say surrender I say progress

May not? Try saying never

May not? Try saying never will

Yeah but lets tell them "may

Yeah but lets tell them "may not" so they get scared into letting our OK delegates get seated.

Of course we all know Mitt Romney will never get our vote... but shhhhhhhhhhh

What really irks me

is how the GOP were all over the Democrats for election rigging and voter fraud. The GOP does it to Ron Paul and it's no big deal.

I thought we, as Republicans, were supposed to be better than the Democrats, holding ourselves to a higher standard.

I agree

that's the way it should be. However, I believe that the two party system is now used as a method for politicians to scapegoat each other to avoid taking responsibility for anything. Also, the two party dichotomy is a distraction to prevent people from realizing what the real problem is.. the corporations behind both of the parties that control them like puppets.




Sorry, hot tea up my nose when I read the headline.

Then checked the date. Yup. Somehow they think this is NEWS? "Old news" is an oxymoron. Where have THEY been?

Journalism is not alive and well in the MSM.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Well considering how the GOP cheated Paul of seniority.

Instead of giving him senior positions they stuck him in the broom closet (Committee on monetary policy.)

Remembering how the GOP openly campaigned against Paul's incumbency.

The cry for party unity goes out from the RNC. The hypocrisy of the RNC position on party unity is laughable.

How many have proclaimed that they would no support a Ron Paul nomination even if he won it in Tampa. Party unity, does it only go one way?

Free includes debt-free!

Steve Dickson's picture

Two other points...

1. No attorney was there to represent the Contestants. Two National Alternates elected at the Congressional District Conventions - Porter Davis and Mike Stopp - drove to Florida to answer questions and present the facts. They were assisted by Qadoshyah Fish, who was prepared to testify but was not called.

The Respondents, represented by attorneys, had as witnesses OKGOP Chairman MattPinnell and 2012 OKGOP Convention Chair Marc Nuttle. I would invite you to compare their affidavits with the submitted evidence - in particular Mr. Nuttle's affidavit and the video at www.okliberty.com (there's also a transcript).

2. The Ron Paul campaign and it's attorneys are not involved in this matter, in any way. This is a dispute brought forward by delegates to the Oklahoma State Convention that are demanding the Rules be followed.

Dont let the title fool you

This is more of a hit piece on the Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriots than anything else.. We must hold the GOP accountable to the rules of the party! Delegates, stand with the rightful Oklahoma delegation and we will win!! Well, this one is more of the hit piece ---> http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/20/paul-attorne...
And we did not boo Fallin because "she said the party's single goal was to elect Romney as president." We booed because she called all of us opposed to Mitt Romney "Obama Lovers".

Steve Dickson's picture

You got it!

Most definitely a hit piece.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

There they go again trying to

There they go again trying to claim that Nebraska had anything to do with RP's 5 state plurality...HE ALREADY HAS 5 STATES! MORE THAN 5 STATES! it's not about Ron Paul winning NE, it is now about winning the fight against the RNC to let the Ron Paul delegates be seated as they rightfully should! Wow, Obama is becoming angelic like to me.

Pinnell discussing Oklahoma's

Pinnell discussing Oklahoma's Ron Paul delegates. (video ~ discussion starts at 32:00)


Blessings )o(

Change the title

I think the title needs to be changed to: Ron Paul Delegates Will NOT Back Romney.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"