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Anyone else noticed the new approach by the Democrats?

I have been noticing them using the words individualism and communalism. Saying that Americans are in their daily life are very individualistic but in times of disaster they pull together.

I watched a think tank the other day where they used this same wording and when a guy ask about individual freedom the woman on the panel went into two different kinds of freedom. Freedom from and freedom to. I was like what?

Then I saw Santorum talking to young Republicans and he used similar terminology. He spoke of freedom of but ruled out freedom to. He even brought up libertarian ideas that people cannot be free to just do whatever they want. HAHAHA he used the example of going through a red light to explain it. He said if you are free to run a red light someone might not be coming and maybe no one gets hurt but someone could be so we must have laws to infringe on peoples freedom so they cannot harm anyone else????????

These people actually think the law keeps someone from running a red light. They do not understand property rights at all for the general public. They do not understand that the law should not be made to prevent you from doing something stupid but to punish you for harming someone when you do something stupid. (and that should include politicians). These people believe that the law should judge you not judges. I'm telling you it is sad how stupid the people in power in our country really are and how they do not understand liberty at all.

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Government keeps us in a "state of disaster"

to justify its very existence.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

H. L. Mencken

The people who actually

The people who actually contrived this abomination of which you speak are not dumb in the least; most likely it was created by The RAND Corporation. These political hacks are to use the word freedom in such contexts as to dilute the popularity of true freedom loving individuals and their message, so that the hapless masses -who don't know any better- are unable to see a difference between one person who speaks of freedom and the other person who speaks of freedom.

The understanding of language -especially in historical context- can unravel this whole government over-reach; however, the masses don't want to spend the time to truly understand the language in which they speak. The masses are blissfully ignorant to the ability which language has to manipulate people, and they(the masses) are happy just to be able to read and speak at a level of proficiency which enables them to function in their everyday lives.

It truly is quite sad.

Yeah they confuse

lawful society with unlawful government/governance. It is a sad leap of logic they perform to justify the Federal Government's monopoly.

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