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Ron Paul Poised For Victory As Conservatives Seek To Unite Against Romney In Tampa

A little more than four years ago, the entire nation was on the verge of revolution. On both the left and the right, the people of America were completely disgusted with the previous two decades of Presidential usurpation of power, congressional corruption, economic destruction and endless wars.

The establishment elite set out to deflate the growing mass of, what could only be described as pissed off Americans. A largely unknown figure emerged with flowery rhetoric and a rock star personality. A new face on the puppet post of the Oval office, President Barack Hussein Obama, turned out to be nothing more than media-produced con-man.

The facts about Obama, and his wall-street backers (i.e. Goldman Sachs), have become more than obvious. Even more obvious is the fact that Mitt Romney, the “presumptive” nominee is property of the same shadowy elite. This is even becoming clear to the G.O.P. faithful, and conservative media pundits.

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