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Are we arming Iran with American F-15's via Iraq as Israel and the West plan war with Iran?

Let me be clear...I have no knowlege of this actually happening but I do have some connections in the AF that have said they are moving out a lot of the "old" F-15's to some other countries. I know we sold a bunch of them to Saudi Arabi over the past couple years since we are adding more of the new F-35's.

I'm pretty sure we are selling Iraq F-15's for their new air force but I think Iraq is being forced to buy them. Now I'm hearing that Iraq is turning around and selling them to Iran?

Again, I don't know if this is actually going on but I wanted to know if anyone else has heard anything about this.

They could be going to Somila or The Sudan...Libya, Syria, or other places too but if they are heading into Iran, that would be disturbing.

The Globalists and International bankers always fund both sides of every war. It seems plausable to me that we will end up having our own weapons used against us when Israel or Obomba decide its time to start killing Iranians (for their own good and for our national security)

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