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Aimee Allen Exclusive: Brandon Raub, the NDAA tyranny and her new band The Interrupters

Aimee Allen music artist known for the Ron Paul Revolution song joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Aimee Allen Exclusive: Brandon Raub, the NDAA and her new band The Interrupters’ to discuss the recent tyranny imposed by the federal government and President Obama, her appeal to Obama supporters and her appearence at the Sundome in Tampa Sunday August 26th. She also tells us about her call with Ron and Carol Paul and her new Liberty band The Interrupters.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Great to hear!

Aimee is awesome, thanks for the interview and glad she is back! Can't wait to the "Dance Video"!

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Open Letter To The RNC

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It is a joy to hear long-time RP

supporters sharing the happy vision of peace and liberty, even when talking of dire current events.

good interview Aimee has

good interview Aimee has passion and she is right, when the left loses their chosen prez they will be upset that the new prez has that kind of power


All it plays is the ad then nothing. And besides Aimee has done enough so if you can't get your website straight then you shouldn't mention her.

Click the mp3 player below

Click the mp3 player below the YouTube

Big bump

for... Liberty!

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