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My Mantra and Prayer...A Love of Liberty Captures the Hearts and Minds of Men and Women Everywhere...

The recent post entitled "A Lesson in Mass Consciousness - What We Can Do" for which I am most grateful, started me thinking and the following is the result. I invite you to join me, if you so desire, regardless of your religious affiliation or orientation. I myself am a Christian and find prayer to be powerfully effective, provided it is well constructed. So here is my offering of an oft-repeated set of sentences I am setting out to the world and to heaven. (Please feel free to add your own salutations!)

The Love of Liberty Captures the Hearts and Minds of Men and Women Everywhere.

The Romney Campaign Implodes of Its Own Accord.

Ron Paul Wins Nomination.

This is more than the original poster asked for, I know, and my apologies to him or her for the additions. However, the first is the most crucial in the long run and,in my opinion, the second and third depend upon the first to be accomplished so they seem a logical inclusion.

Certainly I realize that many will find this idea and effort slightly to completely ridiculous, especially under the current circumstances. That fact in no way alters my willingness to labor on for your freedom as you do for mine.

May we continue to work together effectively for the good of all man and womankind, in the avenues that are open to us. This happens to be a way open to me and possibly to you. So Be It.

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