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Sun Dome Tickets needed!

I need 2 tickets to the Sun Dome Rally PLEASE!!!

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Show up early to Sun Dome get in line for Unclaimed Tickets 1st

Unclaimed tickets will be given out free at the door on a first come first served basis. Be prepared to present Photo ID to get a ticket. Everyone who got tickets online had to give their Name, address, and email for EACH PERSON, ONE TICKET PER PERSON.

So everyone who wants a ticket has to show up & present ID to get one.

I am sure there will be some available if you get there early. Doors open for ticket holders @ 10:15 am and all reserved tickets must be claimed by 11:45 or they will be released on a first-come-first-served basis until all are gone.

Galatians 5:1
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Got two tickets but not sure how to get them to you

I have to travel it turns out this weekend so I cannot attend but I have two tickets. How can I transfer them to anyone directly? Any ideas?

We have been asked to turn in tickets if we aren't going.

So have patience, as there will be some more seats, but there is also an overflow area so you will be able to see and hear!

Everyone Should show up

Even if you don't have tickets, everyone should show up. Ron Paul said it is about the numbers, about validating our arguments by demonstrating we have the numbers.

Keep checking the website - I got an email asking to cancel

tickets if they aren't going to be used, with a link to do so. They are name specific so you wouldn't be able to use someone's ticket. The overflow area will probably be available though it you just show up.

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