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Huffington Post: Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination

Huffington Post - Posted: 08/21/2012 3:55 pm

Why the GOP Is Scared of Ron Paul and 4 Reasons He Might Still Get the 2012 Republican Nomination. Article by Laura Trice

Full Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-trice/gop-scared-ron-pau...


Wait, isn't Dr. Ron Paul out of the presidential race? Isn't it all tied up nicely in a bow with the Romney/Ryan ticket?


Why would the GOP be scared of Ron Paul but end up nominating him?

I'll explain.

Romney and the GOP have demonstrated both poor judgment and poor sportsmanship that might cost them by damaging Romney's electability among the Ron Paul supporters thus leading to a splitting of votes, which in turn, could cost the GOP the entire election.

Dr. Ron Paul is still in the race for president and is a strong contender for the 2012 GOP nomination.

To be on the GOP ballot Aug. 27, 2012 in Tampa and get a 15-minute speaking slot, a candidate must have won the plurality (majority) of delegates in at least 5 states.

Well, Ron Paul did win the plurality of delegates in 5 states, enough to be eligible for the nomination and a 15-minute speaking slot at the GOP convention. The states he won are Louisiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and Nevada. Then Ron Paul went on to win the plurality in Massachusetts, Romney's home state and half the delegates in Oregon. Dr. Ron Paul also has around 500 delegates who support him. The exact number of delegates that Romney and Paul have is still a mystery but should be clarified at the convention.

So... Ron Paul won his 5-plus states, he's on the ballot and writing his speech, right? Not exactly...(continue here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-trice/gop-scared-ron-pau...)

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It would be to the GOP advantage...

at the convention to suddenly nominate Ron Paul. The Obama campaign as already invested a lot of money in anti-Romney ads, because they believe Romney has the nomination in the bag. If the GOP suddenly nominated Paul, it would be a great strategic advantage in the early part of the election since the Obama campaign would then have to reverse their attack completely-- it would knock them right off their feet for at least a little while. Not only that, but the independents and people who normally don't vote would show up to vote for Paul, they are not going to bother to show up and vote for Romney and he is going to lose. I don't believe there is enough intelligence there to understand the golden opportunity they have here...instead they are more than likely going to blow it all on Romney this time around and lose.

If the GOP Was Smart, You Are So Right, They Would Nominate

Ron Paul. It is so clear that Obama will be reelected so he can continue his destruction of American lives and the end of America as we once knew it, especially in his second and last term.


You're assuming the GOP is

You're assuming the GOP is primarily interested in winning the election. In fact, the GOP (like the Democratic Party) exists to maintain the illusion that Americans have a say in the governance of their country. It is a tool of the oligarchy. The oligarchy is fine with Obama being re-elected. They are also fine with Romney winning. They are not okay with Ron Paul as president. Ergo, the GOP would sooner allow Obama to win than nominate Ron Paul.

Right, but many of the delegates are not the oligarchy

So probably a better choice of word would have been "delegates" or "people" instead of "GOP."

I appreciate the author's

I appreciate the author's sentiments but there is no chance Ron Paul is going to be nominated. There never was. We've all seen how well the Republican Party respects its own rules when the outcome doesn't go their way. Even if Ron wins, the rules are changed and then he doesn't win. Don't expect the media to cast a spotlight on this corruption, either. The media is an arm of the state. "Presstitutes" is the perfect moniker for today's so-called journalists.

The government is a criminal syndicate. Elections are just for public consumption, to give people the feeling that they are really in charge — and, as it follows, that they are to blame when things go wrong. A decent human being might be able to hold office but never in a position of great consequence. No one will be allowed to derail the gravy train, ever.

The obvious implication of all this is that anyone who becomes president is, de facto, a sellout. Is not to be trusted. Is working for the criminal elite, and against all of us. I'd be deeply suspicious if Ron Paul became president — if they allowed him to become president. Either he'd have been compromised (doubtful, given his life thus far), or he would soon be delegitimized by a manufactured scandal, or worse.

"The obvious implication of

"The obvious implication of all this is that anyone who becomes president is, de facto, a sellout. Is not to be trusted. Is working for the criminal elite, and against all of us. I'd be deeply suspicious if Ron Paul became president"

The fallacy in your argument is that Ron Paul would sell out (NEVER HAPPEN), that's why the establishment hates him...If that were to happen, ALL hope would be lost, but I really don't think Dr Paul would do that...

If you can't agree with that, please vote for your favorite mainstream politician of your choice, I'm sure things will get MUCH better once they're in office, like it always does...


I agree

that Ron Paul would never sell out. That's why he won't be allowed to become president. If, somehow, he managed to win the election and it wasn't stolen from him, I would fully expect him to be neutralized in some other way.

As for voting, I think you missed my point. Voting is a waste of time BECAUSE the kind of person you want to win would never be permitted to win. I'm not saying to vote for Romney or Obama. I won't vote at all. It does nothing for liberty and everything for its enemies. Every vote legitimizes this rigged and evil system. Then they can say, "You played the game, you have to accept the outcome. Now bend over..."

YOU should be betting on

YOU should be betting on Football Games, you'll make a fortune!!!

'The Americans can never defeat the British empire' - Dither

'It's just impossible, there's no way' - Dither

I missed the argument in your

I missed the argument in your post.

Sounds good but

I would much rather get the 5 states and celebrate than get them stolen and retaliate. (I will retaliate thought)
Less than a week. Lord please let this go through.

Good article - and a nice shot in the arm.

It's an extremely long shot but gives room for hope anyway - HOPE FOR AMERICA!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Warren G. Harding arrived at the 1920 GOP convention with 39 delegates and won


It's about time to see some honest news coverage of Ron Paul in the media. Although the media in the debates tried to make Ron Paul look bad, they only got a spoonful of truth that only made Ron Paul more popular. I remember seeing Giuliani grin at one point in this debate, as if he was thinking, you have no idea who you are dealing with, at 4:55. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Qmy_E...!) We should play this video at both Ron Paul's rally and PaulFest! I love watching the other candidates in the 2012 debates cringe when Ron Paul speaks, they truly fear his message. I love seeing the Obama ads attacking Romney before the convention in Tampa, he is basically advertising for Ron Paul! Can you believe it, we can actually thank Obama for something!

Let's replace our politics and policies with Paulitics and Paulicies! I live in Denver, I want to see Ron Paul debate Obama at DU!

Romney and the GOP have

Romney and the GOP have demonstrated both poor judgment and poor sportsmanship that might cost them by damaging Romney's electability among the Ron Paul supporters thus leading to a splitting of votes, which in turn, could cost the GOP the entire election.

That's a damn understatement if ever there was one. I like this Laura Trice chick. Liberals who support Ron Paul are awesome!

I am sick of this!

I really do not understand all of the political wrangling in this convention! My VOTE is for Dr. Paul. I guess it's hard to understand the hardships that someone who has their own business and works his/her ass off everyday! Dr. Paul understands that! But what the hell do I do if he dosen't get the nomination do I vote for Romney as a anti Obama vote or what. Do any of us really think that Romney will follow the direction of the people that are for freedom? Someone please feed me because I don't think a speaking role for Rand that was decided when he endorsed Romney

James Steele Jr. Tennessee

Whatever you do, don't vote for Romney or Obama

A vote for either is a vote for the corrupt status quo.

They are both owned by the counterfeiters.

More accurately

They are both owned by the devil!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Get this to the delegates!

I still haven't found the official list of TN delegates, but I posted the article on the TN GOP and the TN for Mitt Romney facebook pages.

Delegates are likely to have joined Facebook groups, so this might be a good way to influence them.


I said he, but an awesome female wrote the article...

I like your post? Laura

.?....? Hmmmm may be if you just did not mention Gary Johnson well Gray johson
well I'm having trouble spelling his name.....

I will tell you what it is, is about believing mush Bigger then you, righting his name RON PAUL

following thru of what I strongly believed.

if everyone did that, the establishment will notice and at the same time I have HONOR the MAN that have honor me

it is about HONOR LAURA LoVe You



DANG what a good article, he nailed it...TAKE OVER THAT CONVENTION !

Romney has destroyed his own campaign

At the Georgia state convention.... platform proposals were withdrawn(even though they had the majority of votes) and Ron Paul delegates were treated with contempt...because of the pro Romney supporters.............As we left the convention one Paul supporter said "you will need us in November...and we will treat you the same as you treated us"..... but to most Paul supporters it isn't just their dirty tricks....that makes Romney un-electable........it is his policies and his lack of character and conservative Ideals.


Great article! I would LOVE

Great article! I would LOVE to see a Paul administration! He needs to make a VP choice, though...

SteveMT's picture

There is hope at the Huff!: Laura Trice, M.D. & natural food CEO

Laura Trice, M.D. is the CEO and founder of Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food, a natural foods company with nationwide distribution of healthy cookies since 2003. Dr. Trice is the author of The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook, taking your favorite dessert and snack foods and making wholesome versions. She has been a 3-minute speaker at TED 2008 and 2009 on the importance of gratitude and pausing.Dr. Trice holds an A.B. from Smith College in Chemistry & French, an M.D. from the University of Vermont and is a member of the Women’s Leadership Counsel of Los Angeles and TED. A writer, speaker and teacher, she is a believer that we each have every right to use the innate gifts and talents that we have. Dr. Trice is affiliated with Promises and has spoken at The Betty Ford Center. She is a second year clinical coach trained by the Dr. Pat Allen's Want Institute where they train educators of effective communication for business and personal communication improvement. Her healthy treats are packed with flavor to tease your tastebuds and her passion is making healthy cookies and healthy cookie recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for the additional information on Dr. Trice. Paul Adm

as General Surgeon. I have never heard of her and I am always looking for healthier ways to eat. I will check to see if our library system has her cookbook and also check to see if she has a website as well. ( :


Nice one..

5 stars.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I will in no way vote for Romney!

In November, if Ron Paul is not on my ballot, I will not vote for the "lesser of two evils"! (write in candidates not allowed in Oklahoma!) (I will still be voting for local candidates, just not president - same as 2008!)

And, regardless of whether he is on the ballot, after November I will be changing my voter registration from Republican to something else (maybe Libertarian!). I registered as Republican in 2007 - Especially for Ron Paul. When he is no longer running I will leave the Republican party and let them go to hell in their own way!

It's not the third party "individual" you need to support..

Here is a 2008 video clip of Ron Paul's argument in favor of voting 3rd party and not a vote that won't count. It is the debate of ideas that opens the door to a strong republic, without support they don't get invited.


Ron Paul on 3rd Party vote

Thank you for the link.

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