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Demand Rep Ron Paul’s Name Be On Ballot And Placed In Nomination With A Genuine Roll Call Vote. (No Simple Voice Vote!)

Ron Paul has not suspended and has not conceded his campaign and he has NOT RELEASED HIS DELEGATES.

Superdelegates CANNOT vote until the convention. Until then their “support” is hypothetical.

Illegitimate Nomination-RNC selected Romney who is not elected as the Nominee so far.

Don’t be bamboozled by the RNC and the media who are trying to turn this nomination into a coronation.
Stand your ground. Romney is not the winning Nominee.

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Before the RNC, Gathered Delegates can Nominate Paul.

1) Send a telegram to RNC nominating Paul.
2) Or Send/and hand deliver, a NOTARIZED letter signed by Delegates before a Tampa notary to the RNC.
3) Send an email or emails to RNC, nominating Ron Paul
4) Or before the RNC, send emails from official delegates to Tampa newspaper nominating Ron Paul
5) Or Delegates of each state can together send a video nominating Ron Paul for being put on the ballot for nominee. Need 5 states to do this.
6) Or tweet to place Ron Paul on the ballot to the RNC officials ahead. I think the RNC officials do not read tweets, but I do not know much about tweets.
7) Send the media videos, tweets, emails,pictures of Delegates of 5 states or more, with signs nominating Ron Paul to be on the ballot.
8) Organize 5 or more states to quietly nominate Ron Paul from the floor.
9) Something I did not think of that is courteous, orderly, and does not embarrass Ron Paul.

If the RNC establishment had

If the RNC establishment had not believed that Paul could win the nomination they would not have announced the "winner" two months ahead of the convention. They would not have had Romney pick his running mate ahead of the convention. They would not have made Rand Paul give his endorsement before a candidate had been elected. THEY ARE AFRAID. We shouldn't be.

Seven Lucky Words!

One Thousand One Hundred and Forty Four!

We are NOT going there for nothing.

Teafortwo, you are true patriot and speak words of courage and wisdom :-)


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

The only way there will

be a genuine floor vote is if most of the Paul delegates are not seated.
Paul probably has around 500 or so delegates.
They will NOT let Romney be embarrassed like that.

From what I was told on this site, a motion to nominate Paul needs to be made from the floor.
If The delegates get that far I will have hope restored.

Bump me

Demand he be placed on ballot. Who is the one for RP to do this? Demand it! Delegates? Can you find out who can get him on the Ballot?

Keepin' it real.

Thank you

i like your post I agree completely ! The GOP is still working to stop our guy I wish all
would keep that top of mind

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