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Time to start the narrative Reince Priebus is to blame not Dr Paul and us

Reince needs to know that the reason Obama will get elected is because of the Dr Paul treatment and blowback which it caused by the RNC's actions under his watch. Their treatment , their fraud and cheating under his watch in annointing Romney is /or will be the reason and probably the only reason that Obama could win given the state of the country and the way Obama's governed.
It's your fault Reince. Stay this course and find yourself in the seat beside Steele in front of the CNN cameras. The place where all the party chairman losers find themselves.

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Reince Priebus

I just re-stumbled across these little gems from early 2011 that I had forgotten about.

Considering what happened in Tampa, these links are DEFINITELY worth reading.


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

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This guy is no good.

Reichstag Priapism is no good at all, but that is consistent with this GOP band of rule-breakers.

Prince Riebus.

I believe his name is Prince Riebus.