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Ron's VP choice

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. If it is OK for Romney to announce Ryan as his V.P. before being initially selected as the Republican nominee, Then why can't Ron Paul do the same also. Ihave no idea if the two have ever talked about it, or if he would even do it, but in everyones opinion (add comment below) How would it impact the Race, The Media, The Delegates etc etc if Ron Paul declared Judge Napolitano as his Vice President. Yes its a hyperthetical. But Ive spoken to SOOOOO many people who see my RP T'shirts and say something to the effect "I HATE BOTH ROMNEY and OBAMA". I'm sure Millions of FOX Sheeple would give Ron a second look if JN was on his ticket. At least it would get them talking and create a BUZZ on the run up to the convention. Id like to hear people's thoughts. I wonder if enough of us think it a good idea, maybe the good DR will make an announcement.

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I don't know what the rules are about that but

I would love to know who his VP pick would be if nominated and I think it is pretty pertinent information for delegates to have.