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Dr. Paul cured my Statism

A friend of mine wrote this as a FB post :

"Studies by the World Health Organization show that Ron Paul is the leading cause of freedom among men"

I was cracking up and thought I'd write something like a parody.

MAN, I was diagnosed with a bad case of Statism after a rough bout with Bushitis. I was Hoping these Obama vitamins would do the trick and "Change" things but unfortunately I just got worse... I would wake up all dazed and confused, My perception of reality was all distorted, I would find life hard to live because I was always in a state of Cognitive dissonance. To make matters worse, once I started the Obama Vitamin treatment I became dependent on the pharmaceutical companies. What really boggled my mind was that the Medical Staff was saying I was getting better but I clearly wasn't. They Just kept repeating this lie over and over and over and thought that I'd believe it. I became so sick with Statism that I lost my Job and became dependent on the government for all my needs. I thought my life was ruined as I was now just a number in a Corrupt Government Fascist system.

Then One day a friend of mine sent me a Video about this Dr. Who was working on a cure for statism. She said that His treatment was helping Millions with their illness and giving them a life of freedom again. I didn't want to believe her at first. I dont know if it was because my Judgement was clouded from the Obama Vitamin Treatment or I was just to hopelessly dependent on the system. Thanks to my friends persistence, I continued to Research this Doctor and this Crazy treatment he called "Liberty and Freedom". I would spend Hours reading his books, watching his speeches, listening to his debates. I was convinced! It turns out this revolutionary treatment called "Liberty and Freedom" has been around for Quite sometime. It helped people like Dr. MLK jr, Rosa Parks, Barry Goldwater, Ghandi, Benjamin Franklin, Malcom X, Sam Adams, and so many other influential people this world has known.

I Finally decided to throw these Obama Vitamins in the Trash! They were nothing but Poison anyway! I got with Dr.Ron Paul and he put me on a severe Dose of Liberty and Freedom! Today I feel More Alive, Awake and Aware than ever before! Dr. Paul cured my Statism and I can say without a doubt He is the Leading Cause of Freedom for me!

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