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The silence from Ron Paul to his supporters has been deafening!

I have had this feeling a long time now.

Ron was campaigning hard rallying everyone going with his delegate strategy! Suddenly, ......................nothing! In 2008 it was at least campaign updates and clarifications.

This time, suddenly, ....................nothing. On top of that his son endorsed Romney. Not that that means anything to a Ron Paul supporter. But it coincided, silence and endorsement.

Something happened after Ron went on a meeting at the Fed.

What I am about to say now is just pure speculation, I know nothing, but since there is so much silence, speculation seems right.

Either a deal was made that made Ron Paul back off. But is that consistent with Ron all his life sticking to his guns rallying everyone and then just at the time of impact making a deal ?

No it does not make sense, even with his son in the picture.
It is out of character.

The other option as I see it, he was threatened.

This seems much more likely to me, cause that would explain the silence from Ron while other people make statements.

Ron's supporters still fight on, even though Ron is silent and his people call for moderation. Ron thought you as he was a father, a teacher, because perhaps it would come to this. You would continue his work.

I hope you continue his work, no matter what pressure he is under.
In fact our way of life and our childrens future depend on that.

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what's deafening are the people of this movement and their

inability to iterate their own message of liberty in their individual ways, without hiding behind a giant label like ron paul.

Sad but true

Paul had the 6000 plus crowds at all these College Campuses going,
Romney couldn't even get 35 people to come hear him speak.I hope the
truth comes out after the election about deals done.Benton's next job,who took Paul off the campaign trail when there were States to
still be won.Somebody knows the facts and the good Dr. needs to do
some truth telling when this farce called a Convention is over.I'm
very disappointed in the way this played out starting about three
months ago.


Agreed. All those big

Agreed. All those big speaking events and then... nothing...

I figure that the national delegates get the attention.

How do we let them know that we are behind their efforts?

Free includes debt-free!


IDK maybe he was threatened but I doubt that would stop him. I believe he is being silent about the campaign because he has a plan to get the nomination while making people think he is done. Also let us not forget that the Bilderburg meeting was that same week. I'm wondering maybe they made a threat and he just has gone silent to protect himself until the convention, when he comes from the shadows and attacks like a good hunter. Whatever the case we will see in a weeks time.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

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Don't take this the wrong way

Don't take this the wrong way but maybe you just haven't been listening and I don't think this can be compared to 2008.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain