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Tampa: What is the grassroots doing Monday?

I will hang out to support the Veteran's march to the RNC in Tampa on Monday morning, but anyone want to get together afterwards in the early afternoon?

I figure the delegates will have to prepare for a lot of different functions and some of the grassroots will have more free time. I found Lettuce Lake Park near the USF Sun Dome that seems to be a popular location away from the hustle and bustle of the RNC Convention. It seems like a nice place for peace, quiet and decompression from all the festivities and a good place to network with others. The other thing is it's cheap. $2 entrance for each carload up to 8 people. People can bring their own picnic/BBQ food. The main reason I'm going to Tampa is so I can thank all the grassroots activists and meet people before everyone goes on to the next phase of their journey. It's a bit harder to meet people in events and rallies with thousands of people so a quiet venue like this should be good.

Lettuce Lake Park

If the weather holds up I suggest a meeting time of 3pm? I might just go there myself anyways for some peace and quiet to do some kayaking or canoeing.

Anyways, email me know if you are interested in meeting up: info@rp2012.org

I'll update this thread with any more details. Let me know your thoughts too. Look forward to meeting with everyone!

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