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I Confess a Guilty Pleasure with Congressional Races

Here in Phoenix Arizona, there are many Congressional races going on. In my CD5, I must confess a guilty pleasure.

You see, our Ron Paul Meet up and our Liberty Meetup and our Tea Party Meet ups all come together and offer the candidates a chance to come speak to us.

We ask the questions at these small meetings. The one I attended was at a local fire station and we used there large office of 50 chairs. Perhaps only about 35-45 of us show up at these events, but all the candidates show up! They want our vote and most of all, they know how active we are.

So, a Scottsdale city councilwoman/attorney gets up there and reads our list of 10 questions. Questions that were provided to all the candidates weeks before they came. She falls flat on her face. She knows so very little. Its pathetic.

Then comes a 62 year old retired "financial planner whose got a lot to give his country still". He rambles Sean Hannity talking points about Obama and we will have none of it. He sees all of us in the audience looking around, shaking our heads. We spare him by asking him to answer any of the 10 questions. He tries to but so full of meaningless talking points he knows he falls flat with this crowd. I decide to help him. "You said, doing the same thing over and over again when it is not working is a fools game,... let me ask you, -- do you believe black markets are dangerous, dangerous for peaceful law abiding citizens? And if you do, why are you for increasing the worlds biggest black market, making our life here even more dangerous?" He answered, "What are you talking about?" Well your flyer says you support the 50 year old war on drugs, that has created the worlds biggest black market ever." ..... he squirmed and talked and read his audiance and then... then there was that momement where he broke, "Yes, I can support the legalization of drugs". Of course none of us believed him... but it was nice to see him squirm anyway.

Next up was a bunch of Republicans WHO THINK they know what Ron Paul is all about. So they said "we must follow the constitution" and "taxes must be cut" repeatedly. The audience tripped them up with questions such as, "Do you believe all expenses should be on the budget, or do you believe that some items must be off budget?" .... then..."Would you have supported GWBush's off budget war in Iraq?" and then for the singer..."What was constitutional about the Iraq war?"

Finally came Cornell Wendy Rogers. A heartfelt 50 something woman who ran her own business and came from a military family. She talked long and hard about "making the tough choices" and "We must rethink the path this country is going". All to which I ask, "You have had plenty of time to rethink the Vietnam war. There has been lots written about it. Many historians now think the Domino Theory was wrong and that we were in the middle of a civil war. So, have you Wendy made the "Tough Choice" and realized that the military path this country is going is the wrong path?"..... to which she hemmed and hawed and said, "Are you military? Is your family Military? Cause what you have said is offensive to me." So much for rethinking.

I hope you DP are going to your Meetups. Go to the TEA PARTY meetups and Liberty Meetups and Constitution Meetups, etc. Most of all, MAKE THOSE CANDIDATES FACE YOU ... FACE TO FACE. Best of all, those tea party folks got to see many of us Ron Paul folks in action. They loved what they saw and even better, loved what they heard.

Watch them squirm with your razor sharp questions. Give'm hell. After all, if you are not having fun, then you are not doing the r3VOLution right... lol


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Great Post!



I hope everyone is using there Meet Up Groups to bring before them... like a king brings his subjects in to account, all those want-to-be Congresscritters and makes them squirm under your questions.

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