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Are they seeding clouds over Tampa?

The military industrial complex hates peaceful protests.

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This is normal weather for August in Tampa.

I know. I've live here most of my life.

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I stated

something similar like this in some comment somewhere about the tropical storm heading towards Tampa, nice to see I'm not alone in this. Here next to the largest naval base in the world and naval air field Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia there are many chemtrails and fuel dumping around here.

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If I had made this thread in 2011

it would have been down voted. Good to see we've been doing our homework! I love you guys. Unabashed, educated, articulate patriots.

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Someone find the article here on DP about them making a

hurricane happen for convention. It may have been as far back as February. It was a link to an article. I wish I could find it.

I found this one Ralph, is this it?

Article below was Submitted by LadyHawk on Sat, 06/02/2012 here (4th comment down): http://s2.dailypaul.com/237220/at-the-tampa-convention-act-l...

I'm not so sure it was a prediction, since it is a concern that we are in hurricane season at this time of the year in Florida. Not saying it couldn't be one of those instances where our future is announced by you-know-who in advance of a coming planned event.

Republican National Convention In Tampa Could Be Threatened By Hurricane, GOP Worries
Posted: 05/23/2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Republican National Convention scheduled in Tampa for late August would be among the casualties if the area were threatened then by a hurricane, Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll said Wednesday.

"Public safety — that's going to be the number one priority," Carroll said. "We can have the convention again."

However, rescheduling a national political convention could be difficult heading into Labor Day weekend and with the Democratic National Convention slated for Charlotte, N.C., the following week.

Carroll said Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who returns Thursday from a trade mission to Spain, would make the call if the GOP convention were threatened by severe weather.

"This is his state, and public safety is primary," Carroll reiterated.

State emergency workers have spent recent days tracking a fictitious Category 3 Hurricane Gispert that would hit Tarpon Springs, just north of Tampa, two days after the convention is scheduled to begin.

CONTINUES: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/23/republican-national...

I remember

I remember reading it, lol!