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Jesse Benton - My thoughts!

Jesse Benton - Works for the campaign
Jesse Benton - Has not been fired from the campaign
Jesse Benton - His job is to advise, but also to follow Ron's lead
Jesse Benton - Gets paid well to do his job
Jesse Benton - Was picked to do his job by the man we all endorse

You may not like everything that has come of this campaign. You may think we should have played harder. Maybe, you think we have been sold out from the inside... but the bottom line is?

We are in this to win this!

This is a high stakes poker game with the stakes well beyond any pot you have ever seen.

The prize? Our freedom!

We may or may not win the presidency, but rest assured... We will prevail. We will take this country back, one way or another. The end game is "awakening" and if there is anything this campaign (our movement) does better than anything? It's "awakening".

We have been given the tools, we have learned our lessons... It is now time that we must fight. We are a peaceful opposition, and just like the land we reside upon we will not go to war unless attacked!

This is an intellectual battle, a moral battle, a battle of leading by example.

We are one, we are strong, and day by day we are growing stronger...

Do not be fooled by those who have lost faith, those that never had faith, or those whom are here to unbalance us. In the end there will be only one choice... Freedom.

I stand behind Jesse, Ron, and Doug! If they have made an error in judgment I forgive them. Nobody has ever gotten this far in this battle, nobody has ever had to go up against this much opposition. If they fail we will simply learn from their mistakes and push forward.

If you are reading this and are disheartened? Please stop bashing the campaign? It is not doing any of us any good...

The time for analysis is after the convention. Let's get there first.

Positive hearts, positive minds, and unity. Win, lose, or draw... this is the first battle.

A show of arms please!

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you said it

Jesse Benton became the Trojan Horse issue that all the trolls and idiots clung to in order to create discord and disunity.

Just look at how many people have voted down such an uplifting and spot on post.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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If there......

was ever a possible double-agent within the Ron Paul campaign, who would be the most likely prime suspect? Having said that, I want to see at least the same level of enthusiastic support for Ron Paul shown by his campaign manager that I see in every Ron Paul supporter that I have ever met. I'm being patient, and I'll continue to wait.