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Minnesota Delegates Locked In: Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention!

Lake Minnetonka Patch in Minnesota has posted a story with the headline, "Minnesota Delegates Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention"

"Minnesota’s delegation to the Republican National Convention will not back Mitt Romney when the party gathers in Tampa next week. Instead, 32 of the state’s 40 nominating votes will be cast for Ron Paul during the roll call of states, according to Marianne Stebbins—chair of the delegation."

Read the full story at http://lakeminnetonka.patch.com/articles/minnesota-delegates...

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This is great.

Come on Minnesota.

These delegates ought to submit a nomination for VP as well

I don't think they'd be allowed to nominate Ron Paul for both president and vice president, though. So they'd have to pick someone else for VP. I'm thinking one of these four:

-Judge Napolitano
-Congressman Walter B. Jones
-Barry Goldwater Jr. (former Congressman, Paul supporter, and he has a famous name to boot!)
-Rand Paul

Rand Paul is a bit iffy since he's openly endorsed Romney; also, it might look a little weird if the delegates endorsed a father and son team for president and VP. However he has more mainstream appeal than Ron does, so even some of the delegates who would never vote for Ron for President might consider voting for Rand for VP.

Goldwater is an excellent choice IMO. Every Republican knows his name, and he's solidly on our team.

Jones is another possibility, though he's not perfect (he's spot-on on foreign policy, but like Gary Johnson he sometimes tends to take un-libertarian positions on fiscal issues, for example the minimum wage)

And of course there's Judge Napolitano. Lots of conservatives watch his show, and as with Goldwater he could have "crossover" appeal (Glenn Beck has praised him often, which means Beck fans could easily be persuaded to support him even though many of them might be too hawkish to support Ron Paul for president).

We need to remember that contrary to what the media may say, Mitt Romney is not entitled to hand-pick his own running mate. It's not his party, it's our party. Paul Ryan voted for TARP and the auto industry bailout, while voting against the Bowles-Simpson plan to reduce the deficit by cutting entitlement spending; these three positions alone should be enough to disqualify him in the eyes of any serious conservative. In addition to that, he voted for the Iraq War. He also supports a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning (I'm not a fan of flag burning myself, but I am a big fan of free speech and that amendment is nothing but an attempt infringe on the freedom to criticize one's government). Ron Paul delegates in MN, IA, NV, VA, etc., should all unite around one alternative to Paul Ryan as VP and formally nominate him ASAP!

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Thats great for Minnesota but

Thats great for Minnesota but now Im wondering why we haven't heard about IA. Also is NV a done deal as well?

Thank you

for this good news in the tide of shit coming our way.

A good article except

for one part where it claims she said this "while conceding Romney would capture the GOP endorsement for U.S. President". If she really said that why isn't in in quotes? I don't for a minute believe she conceded the nomination.

Be safe!

I live in Florida and have been through many hurricanes.
I was watching a news report about the security at the convention. They have what look like sections of portable mesh walls they are using as a fence. They said it would allow them to use security people in other areas. These people are boobs. From what I saw those mesh wall sections have no chance of staying upright in high wind.
They will have to take them down if we get a hurricane. They will fly through the air and kill someone.
Bring extra dry socks as wet feet will ruin your time. Also a plastic trash bag with holes cut in it for a poncho may come in handy. The people with Ron Paul Towels will be popular!
Be sure to check out the the clouds. They move fast and at different levels. Very cool if you have never seen it before.
The rain will come in bands with lots of wind! See video below.
The video gets crazy at 3:00


Have fun and be safe.
Vote Ron Paul !

Tin Pan

For Delegates heading to Tampa, this is a MUST HAVE

Delegates: Go to this link and print this PDF. Take it with you to the convention. Show these bastards that we're tired of their shennanigans.


"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Hey there!

I´ve been quite busy so any information is welcomed. Do we have five states with plurality? Will the good doctor speak at the convention?

honestly,no one knows.

honestly,no one knows. Knowing the rnc and many state gop actions, i am just not sure what will happen. One thing the corrupt gop cannot control is my vote. Which i plan on holding the unethical gop accountable.

Ron Paul 2016

1976 Texas delegates ;)

1976 Texas delegates ;)

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Umm, I don't know what this

Umm, I don't know what this means.

This is great news, so i had

This is great news, so i had to ask my colorado republican female version of ron paul(insider, i mean life-long active republican):) I pray you all get it done in tampa. Here is my question.

so what are the chances colorado nominates ron paul or are the santorum delegates who pledged our slate stabbing us in the back?

answer, I honestly don't know...so far, all that I've had contact with are still voting for Paul, but I've not spoken with the rest of them. I know that Florence and all of them will keep "tabs" then if any of them DO stab us in the back, we must all be vigilant in keeping them from EVER getting a GOP/political position again by calling them out as "breaking the agreement".

so there you go. I wish i had solid answers for colorado. I pray we get it done. I do know we will hold the gop accountable either way! Go COLORADO,Wolverines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul 2016

job offers

Some of the Colorado Santorum delegates were openly talking about the jobs they have been promised in a future gun-grabber draft-dodger flip-flopper administration. They are simply buying delegate votes with PROMISES.

Proud to be born in Two-Harbors MN

proud of Jessie Ventura, GOv MN, proud of the RP delegates from MN who have sent a clear message to the sold out muppet puppet presumed dult shill candidate Ineligible cause of his daddy being Mex, Mitt the corporate destroyer Romney

TY MN for restoring some of my sanity in an insane world.

Oh, and proud to be born in a log cabin unattended without permission from some dictator government.


Ron Paul supporters are like

Ron Paul supporters are like Spartans!!

'The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant. That few stood against many'

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Why thank you...

Why thank you...

The delegates MUST nominate Ron Paul from the floor

That is exactly what this fight has been all about.


Justice, Freedom, Love!

Thank you Minnesota!


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Stebbins couldn't have said it better

"Romney represents old ideas". She's darn right Romney "is not a strong candidate".

Minnesotans are lucky to have someone like her,with a backbone, who obviously isn't afraid to speak the truth, as chair.

When are the rest of the states going to follow suit? It can't be too soon!

That's Not Tropical Storm Isaac On The Radar...

That's the storm of freedom and liberty comin' to Tampa! Good Luck to all who are going - our prayers are with you!


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That is great news! :)

Makes me proud to be Minnesota born!

Now if the Vikings would just make it to another Superbowl and win, I can die a happy man.

Goooooooo, Minnesota!

Skol...U Betcha!

Up North (oofta bump)



"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath


I'm thinking I might have to move with my business from the notoriously 'liberal' masochist city Seattle to Minnesota after reading this! Way to go MN!

We love it here in Minnesota

We love it here in Minnesota but it gets darn cold up here! Also, Minnesota is pretty liberal too.

loving it - come on the

loving it - come on the midwest you can follow Minnesota dont be shy

I am in Tampa waiting

Delegates, get down here! And let me know if you need anything. Lots of supporters down here are willing to help.

What do you think of this? www.theonlinemarket.org

Give them hell boys

Speak up to let the liberty message be heard the only days that are remembered are the ones that stand out from the norm .

Rock you like a Hurricane

Cant wait to see Ron Paul at USF Sunday.The place will be rock-in.Come Monday Isaac might show up in Tampa too.Isaac was Abraham's son in the bible.His name means He laughs.I was going to stay several days.Might have to book back to Tennessee.We Will See.

Money talks and dogs bark

I wonder why the Romney Lawyers

did not fight the delegates in Minnesota. They fought them tooth and nail everywhere else. My guess is the local republican party was not having it, and they actually see the writing on the wall.