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2016 Obama's America

Just saw the documentary about Barack Obama by Dinesh D'souza (sure I misspelled his name). Very interesting. D. is conservative and has to infer, but seems to give a bit of insight into Obama. Also interesting how the theater was packed on a Tuesday night and the audience applauded when the movie ended.

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And what I meant to say is

And what I meant to say is see it if you can!

Thanks for the Suggestion

This movie was playing in the theatre adjacent to "checkpoint Charlie" outside the RNC in Tampa.
Meanwhile in the courtyard below, amidst the many shoppes (including a Hooters) MSNBC was broadcasting "Morning Joe" and "The Chris Matthews Show".
I "Bull-Horned" the Matthews show, but evidently it's been edited out.

I want to thank the Ron Paul supporter who came flying out of the crowd with a handheld sign as I was forced to make a hasty retreat and security converged upon me....I kept walking, and after a brief, assertive encounter (on my part) with the police, I boarded a trolley-car back up to Ybor City.
I had previously started a sign-wave at the conclusion of the Sun-Dome/USF Rally, after distributing Ron Paul Beach Towels to the Ron-Paul-Riders in front of the Paul-Fest site.
Maybe the grassroots needed to "bull-horn" the theatre locations while the campaign was still "in-the-running".
This film seemed to reinforce my brother's neo-con leanings, as evidenced by a cell-phone talk we had, witnessed by others at the Sun-Dome Campus...they were helpful in their offered comments to me.
Thanks to all!....You were all good company.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!