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Ron Paul’s Behavior Towards P.A.U.L. Fest is Bizarre


If all Ron Paul had to do to win the White House was plug P.A.U.L. Fest, he’d turn down the White House. The organizers have done everything they can to get Ron Paul to take a minute out of his time to send a mass email, or create a quick youtube video on behalf of P.A.U.L. Fest, but he hasn’t.

What’s weird about this is that he’s reached out to the organizers privately, giving them words of encouragement. Yet he won’t come out publicly. Some say it’s because there are a lot of tricky laws that the campaign has to deal with. Fine, if that’s the case, state that and I’m sure the organizers would understand. He has not said anything like that. Also Jesse Benton has said several times that they won’t be part of any event where they don’t control the tone/message.

So why won’t Ron Paul come out publicly in support of P.A.U.L. Fest? Let us know what you think. Vote in our poll @ http://libertychat.com/ron-pauls-behavior-towards-p-a-u-l-fe...

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Can we drop this crap NOW please?!?

P.A.U.L. Fest was a Libertarian Party sponsored event. He could have literally been kicked off of the ticket just for attending. His influence would have definitely been marginalized.

All of you need to understand some things. The Republican Party is a private club. If you break their rules, you can be kicked out. Ron Paul made a decision to work from within the party. Are you really so arrogant as to think that you know better than him?!? I think his 30 years in politics alone trumps whatever delusion of grandeur you may have.

P.A.U.L. failed for several reasons. One, the infighting. From the public's view, it seemed very petty and childish. Two, the rumors about it canceling. Three, bitter ass promoters that can't get over the fact that they lost money when they tried to profiteer off of this movement.

No sympathy.


Regarding Adam Kokesh

Paul could not coordinate with him in any way after Adam announced that he was part of a PAC. You also have to consider that anyone that Ron Paul aligns himself with becomes a potential wedge to be used against him. Kokesh is an unknown, and could decide to do or say things that would automatically be associated with Paul and cause him harm.

It was resurrected because of the Benton betrayal.

Expect a shitload more attempts to tear down Dr.Paul by sowing seeds of distrust.

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Something don't feel right about how this thread got resurrected

This is the past. What's it adding now?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.



Well what a difference 24 hours can make!

Yup this all certainly puts it in a different light. Hat's off to you on this one notsure.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

It is useful.

I went to both events. And since I am not on the inside of things, this thread is providing something to try and understand. This thread was started after I left for Tampa and last night is the first I am seeing of it.

As an organizer of events, it is important to learn for future decision making.

The worst thing is that, for 2012, instead of unification, there was fragmentation.

I believe 2013 will be more of the same, actually it may get worse.

I have no problem dealing with the GOP because I know from the outset I am dealing with bad stuff. But in the Liberty movement, I really don't know who to trust.

Ron Paul doesn't owe us anything ...

But I will say this: he certainly ain't no Gandhi or MLK Jr.

Something has caused him to give up.. And it doesn't feel right.

He's the one that woke up many of us but he's not finishing what he started .. Even with all the support plus a tireless irate minority.

He fought for us over 30+ years but is quite silent all of a sudden.

Something is wrong for sure and it stinks... And I feel like I'm losing my mind thinking about this situation.

Again . I love Ron Paul and he owes me nothing .. But I ain't no hero worshipper. And go to hell if you think I'm a troll.

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You are right

He is actualy much bigger than MLK Jr. Just imagine what would be with MLK (and even Gandhi) movement if they had such a masive MSM enemy and such media coverage. How many hours had regular US and India citizen spent in front of TV at that time, comparint to situation today? What about Patriot Act and NDAA, did they exist at that time? How many hours of playing video and computer games did the young generations spent daily at that time instead of going to rock/folk/blues concert or reading books and listening to poets and new leaders? Times are totaly different today and it is hunred times harder to make an intelectual movement that oposes the establishment than it was in times of MLK Jr. That is why I think the RP is bigger than both of them, IMHO.



I have a question to Liberty

I have a question to Liberty Unleashed Inc./PAC. What do you think about all these people,; libertychat.com, Ian Cioffi, Gigi Bowman, T_d, rtr.org, Gary Franchi, etc. talking crap about the Ron Paul campaign and spreading rumors in the name of PaulFest? 34 down-votes already. Could this hurt your stock?

I think I know what Jesse

I think I know what Jesse Benton was talking about now, "libertychat".

Dr. Paul's stance on P.A.U.L. Fest is no mystery at all...

1. The festival made early promises that anyone in their right minds knew they would not meet (and they didn't).

2. After months of getting nothing done, most of their staff quit. This led to the lie that the RNC was holding the fairgrounds hostage. This was never the case of course, the entire story that made national news was all a stall tactic by the festival to give them time to find new staff. Surely this caused the campaign some stress.

3. Much of the festival hype involved getting delegates to the RNC. However, the RNC doesn't start until the day after Paul Fest, so really the two events have nothing in common, and getting delegates down early drastically increases by potentially thousands of dollars the cost of each delegate being there. In other words, the more delegates at the festival, the fewer delegates at the RNC. Since Camp Liberty later cancelled, this is a potential disaster for some delegates, who now have nowhere to stay.

4. When Dr Paul's campaign finally decided to do their own event on Sunday instead of waiting for the festival organizers to start working, the festival unleashed a promotional campaign against the people in charge of Dr Paul's campaign. P.A.U.L. Fest not only had nothing scheduled for Sunday, they didn't have the money to even book anything, so it would have been EASIER to cancel Sunday, and tell everyone to go to Ron Paul's event...but they pressed on and are now COMPETING with Ron Paul's event, meaning that the turnout for Dr Paul on the streets of Tampa will be smaller than it should be!

5. P.A.U.L. festival brought on the Libertarian nominee as their prime time speaker on their biggest night. There are also Libertarian party officials speaking on the other two nights as well. All while Ron Paul himself was working to get a speaking slot at the convention.

6. They lied to their sponsors in order to get money. Every big money sponsor they have is furious with them and have either cut off ties with them, knowing they'll never see their money again, or is begrudgingly going along with it, hoping they get SOMETHING back.

7. The festival downsized to one small building, but hasn't exactly told anyone about it. The expensive ticket prices, the money bombs, the donation telethons, the screwed over sponsors...and all you're getting are the same bands who play every other Ron Paul event in a small building, far away from any media attention.

8. After spending a month or more promising to Ronvoy people from the festival to Ron Paul's event and back, they cancelled those plans, and will now be competing directly with Ron Paul's speech.

9. Now, and this REALLY ticks me off. P.A.U.L. Festival has the nerve to claim that the REAL grassroots will be at P.A.U.L. Fest inside a building far away from the RNC, while I guess the FAKE grassroots are at Ron Paul's event on Sunday. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO CLAIM THAT YOUR PARTY IS REAL AND THE PROTESTERS IN THE STREET AREN'T???? This is a BLATANT attempt to take over the Liberty movement, by claiming that those who are at (or outside) Ron Paul's event are somehow not REAL grassroots, and that only the P.A.U.L. Fest people can be trusted to lead the movement. This is a shameful act that damages the unity that this movement needs going forward.

There is simply NO WAY that P.A.U.L. Festival can be a success. In fact, the more successful it is, the fewer people will be on the street outside Ron Paul's rally...you know...where the media will actually be, and what they claimed was their real purpose in holding the festival! While P.A.U.L. Festival may end up being a profitable event for the organizers, it will do major long-term damage to the liberty movement.

I have no inside information

but I would like to be heard.

I am not sure if you run events, I have. And these folks tried to put together a major one.

I can speculate that as things did not unfold as designed, it may have went the way of "salvaging" the event.

I will speculate on this also. Ron is conservative and can look as in the eyes of the zombies to try and reach them. I believe Dr. Paul was not keen on the Washington Veteran March for RP because it looks like it is militant. And militant is something that does not go over good. It is possible he distanced from that. And when it was announced about a same style march in Tampa, I think that was a no go.

And nothing against Kokesh, he spoke at an event we had and would like him again. It is just that Ron is targeting everyone, including the establishment quo. Adam I believe is targeting the younger folks. So it is kind of like when reading about the elder Natives and the Young Buck Natives discussing strategy.

Just trying to read things from where Dr. Paul might see it.


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rally>p.a.u.l. fest

rally>p.a.u.l. fest

They won’t be part of any

They won’t be part of any event where they don’t control the tone/message.

You answered your own question in the OP. And it was a prudent decision on their part.

And it boggles my mind for the organizers to expect anything from Ron Paul when they decided not to invite his own son to speak at the Paulfest and yet asked people like Kokesh (and his Baphomet in the wife beater t-shirt persona) and Alex Jones to be a part of it after they attacked HIS OWN SON visciously. Not to mention all the asshattery from Kokesh since then and who's attacked people like Benton for the past year. Truly boggles my mind you guys would think that the campaign and Ron would work with Paulfest. That's just....well there are no words for how ridiculous that is.

I'm sure Ron wishes you all the best and hope a good time is had by all, but he's not going to promote it and attach his name to it and certainly not plan his own events around it.

Don't you mean..

johnson fest? the big [L] party is sponsoring it now. stop relating it to Ron Paul please.

nah, you're wrong...I was there

I was at PaulFest, and the festival was about Ron Paul's favorite cause, liberty.

People can whine all they want about PaulFest and think that it was all about the Libertarian party, but they're wrong. The people that didn't go missed out on one fantastic event and the chance to bond with other people in our movement. I made several contacts there and I'm so glad to have found some like-minded folks.

Sure, Gary Johnson spoke there, but so did Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Stewart Rhodes, Brandon Smith, Peter Schiff, Walter Block, Wayne Paul, Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz, Adam Kokesh, Sheriff Mack, TMOT, Matt Larson, Chuck Baldwin , the Fish sisters, etc.


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One more FRICKIN' time....

PaulFest is a PAC project. It is ILLEGAL for candidates to communicate or coordinate with PACs. Period.

Ron Paul would be BREAKING THE LAW if he endorsed a PACs projects. :\

This isn't rocket surgery....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

"rocket surgery"

haha...That's funny.

get it right next time its

get it right next time its Brain Science .... ROFL

░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ----------------O

Brain science

actually makes sense though. lol.

Yeah, since this post was written by an army spambot

Yeah, since this post was written by an army spambot like AInsight 3.0 or some other infiltration program to sow dissent and confusion in any and all forums opposed to Willard Maverick McRomney's campaign promise to start WWIII in order to get the economy going.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

I am so tired of those who

I am so tired of those who make excuses for idiots in the campaign who have made nice with Romney, accusing others of trolling for Willard! How absurd!

I hate to comment on this

This is such a blind attitude--and I feel for you, but you are letting the size of your event and emotions cloud your judgement. The notion that Ron Paul owes any of us a mass email or a pat on the back is just silly and selfish.

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It it looks like a troll, sounds like a troll and acts like a troll...

First of all, the info about Paul reaching out personally is bogus. Second of all, it's a PAC, which means he didn't reach out to anyone personally.

He did call

One of the organizers. That is a fact. You just made up your statement. Know how I know that? Because it is TRUE that Ron Paul called one of the organizers, whom he knows from the Revolution March.