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Noticed something odd

I was watching a show today called breaking bad and in this show if you are not familiar with it a chemist who recieves a diagnosis for lung cancer decides to cook meth to gain money to provide for his family after he dies. Well in season 3 there is a man who helps with his cooking for a kingpin boss and he gets murdered. In his book the police find at the scene he has the recipe for the meth they make. What struck me is when the dea was flipping through the book it had a ron paul sticker inside. It seems to me that ron paul got a bad tag as if drug dealers and manufacturers root for ron paul. Seeing as how in this show they talk badly even about marijuana something is weird about it. Let me know what yall think

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I think thats efffed up.

I had a good friend notice this too! I think this originally aired a while ago. Just more subliminal propaganda for the masses. Without knowing why, it's just one more reason for mindless idiots out there to say "I can't vote for Ron Paul isn't he the crazy old guy that wants everybody to do heroin and supports drug dealers."

And whats up with the down votes on this thread? Seems a legitimate post. I +1'ed ya puckett, good eye.


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