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Ron Paul picks up 17 Republican convention delegates in Louisiana compromise

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ron Paul picked up more delegates to the Republican National Convention Tuesday after his supporters reached a compromise over disputed delegates from Louisiana.

The Texas congressman will get 17 of the Louisiana’s 46 delegates in the compromise, said Charlie Davis, who served as Paul’s campaign chairman in Louisiana. The rest of the state’s delegates are expected to support Mitt Romney, the party’s presumptive nominee.

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The article is spun

to make it sound like the RNC graciously gave RP delegates that he didn't earn. Also, it spouts off the "uniting behind Romney" BS.

What do you mean picks up 17 delegates in

Louisiana? The title should read, "Dr. Paul loses his plurality of delegates from Louisiana. He just lost 10 out of his elected 27 delegates via fraud."

This. What a sham.

This. What a sham.