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Ron Paul Is Still Running For President, Damn It! And has qualified to be nominated!

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This is off topic but...

This is off topic, sorry but I really don't know where to ask this. It seems rather strange to me that a democrat VP would seek to speak at a RNC convention. For those that have been in politics a long time , is this a normal or rare occurrence? Something seems really fishy. This and the usage of facial recognition at the covention makes me wonder. Is this a data mining operation against the RP people to be used by RNC and or Obama? With Biden there and his Secret Service people it brings into play the new law about "no protest zone". Anybody have any theories or thoughts?


Not unusual

Secret Service would have been there anyway. They are assigned to Mitt, and also John Boehner (Presidential line of succession).

Last year Lieberman spoke at the RNC, and was McCain's original choice for VP. It's supposed to show they are open to bipartisanship.

Also, haven't heard about facial recognition being used, but they are profiling general crowd movement in the areas around the convention site.

Thank you...

Thank you, I guess maybe I have so little trust in this administration that I feel that anything that they do has an ulterior motive. Maybe like Freud said " Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"

My mistake, I read behaviour recognition http://www.dailypaul.com/249989/gop-convention and thought facial recognition. But it would seem that the two could be done at the same time.


thats right

good mashup