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History Has Been Made

I know a lot are going to cry and complain, and I understand that the dailypaul is about Ron Paul, but I also think it is about liberty candidates as well. Also, I thought it was worth mentioning since it is big news, and is not being reported on. Gary Johnson is the only presidential candidate to ever attend a gay pride fest. Watch below:


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Good for Johnson.

If he was more libertarian I might think about voting for him.

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Fine. I'd be more interested

Fine. I'd be more interested to learn he attended a Constitutionalists pride fest, for instance.

At least that'd give someone an opportunity to interview and have him remove ambiguities on his exact thoughts about, say... taxes.

Me thinks that'd be more relevant for him to get support from Ron Paul supporters. On my end anyway. YMMV.

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Wow..How uninteresting..

And random...A bit dramatic with the title as well..

(And as commented below..not that there's anything wrong with that.)

De criminalize Liberty!

Thanks guys

You guys are at least being somewhat nice. And I know, I was being a little dramatic. sorry. I just thought it was worth mentioning. He did attend the Ron Paul rally back in 2008, and fully supported Ron Paul. I think he is more like Ron Paul than people give him credit for, but that isn't to say that he is as good as Ron Paul, but he is MUCH closer to him by a LARGE percentage than Romney.