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'The Future' CAN be the Present, only if the Sheeple can jettison the Cult of Statism: 3D-Printed "Magic Arms"!


Published on Aug 1, 2012 by stratasysfdm

Two-year-old Emma wanted to play with blocks, but a condition called arthrogryposis meant she couldn't move her arms. So researchers at a Delaware hospital 3D printed a durable custom exoskeleton with the tiny, lightweight parts she needed. Donate here to help Nemours continue its work: http://www.nemours.org/wa...

The best part? You TOO can do this, NOW, without a 3D printer that costs thousands of dollars!

Behold, the MakerBot, a DiY 3D Printer!!!


Crazy how we're on the cusp of technological revolution like nothing ever seen, and the lunatic, murderously sociopathic statists are the only ones holding the entire humanity back.

Who will win? My REAL money's on YOU and Me!

Stay tuned... bumpy ride ahead... till we get there...

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