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Okay people. This is how we get the five states.

Okay people. We need five states in order to nominate someone from the floor. Because of circumstances beyond our control, we no longer have five states, so now what we need to do is show the establishment that they don't control the out come of this nomination and that we do.

And how do we do that. Quite simply actually. We join forces with Rick and/or Newt delegates, who control certain states, which will give us enough states to nominate someone from the floor other than Mitt Romney. And the RNC and Mitt Romney won't be able to do a dang thing to stop us.

There's plenty of options for us to choose from.

A Paul/Santorum ticket.
A Santorum/ Paul ticket.
A Paul/Gingrich ticket
A Gingrich/ Paul ticket

All our delegates have to do is sell one of these tickets on to Rick's or Newts delegates and we can screw the establishments plans to nominate Romney/Ryan. Now wouldn't that bring satisfaction to all of you?

Even if you had to settle for a Ron Paul V.P. ticket, you never know if the other half of the ticket might have a heart attack, or get hit by lightning, you never know what might happen between now and whenever. In such a case Ron Paul as a V.P. choice could still end up President.

Or maybe you can convince Rick or Newt delegates to make Ron Paul the Presidential nominee by telling them Ron Paul might not live long enough to finish the four years so their candidate would probably end up being President eventually due to Ron Paul dying of old age or whatever.

How ever you want to sell it, I don't care, just sell it and get the best deal you can get.

What I would like from everyone here is to express their support of this idea, so the delegates know we are all behind it, and what tickets you would like the most. I'm sure the delegates would appreciate all your advice to help them decide.

Let's show the RNC and Mitt Romney, that this thing isn't over, not by a long shot.

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Santorum, Newt Delegates

Don't control any states. Newt released his delegates today, almost all of them were establishment hacks who will be voting for Mitt (this is why he released them).

Santorum doesn't have a lot of real delegates- they are mostly either establishment, or were already RP supporters that we knew about.

And it is still unclear whether or not we have 5 states..

Oh, and it's very clear

Oh, and it's very clear Ron Paul doesn't have five states anymore, that's what this whole compromise deal was about. The time for that kind of guessing and wishful thinking is over, we need decisive answers now, if we expect to accomplish anything.


It depends on what happens with the Maine delegation. If they do not get seated, then there will not be 5 states, unless we can make something happen in Colorado.

You know all these delegates personally do you?

You seem awful quick to want to dismiss this idea and keep others from considering it. All at our expense of course.

Santorum doesn't have a lot of real delegates? I find that hard to believe. I'm sure there are others that do as well.

You expect us to believe these Rick Santorum delegates wouldn't nominate Rick Santorum for President or V.P. if they knew they had the backing of our delegates and the states we control? Why would they not? You believe they would prefer Mitt Romney over their own candidate? I don't think so.

Look at the states

where Santorum won the popular vote. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Party_presidential_p...

Minnesota, Iowa, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Dakota - we all know the situations there.

Colorado has a few real Santorum delegates that might fit your plan. Missouri - I haven't looked at in a couple months, but last I saw, it was messy. These are both controlled by chairs who will vote for Mitt. Alaska has some Santorum delegates, but also messy, and we know how their chair feels about RP delegates. Overall, this is about 20-30 delegates.

The rest were either filled by committee, or voted in as a predetermined slate. Those delegations are controlled by people who will vote for Mitt. this is about 75 bound santorum delegates

Georgia delegates were voted in as a predetermined slate, and the delegation is controlled by someone who will cast their votes for Mitt. SC, two words - Nikki Haley

Some of us have researched the delegate selection process extensively this season, watching the conventions, and getting the info straight from the delegates on the floor. Because of the reasons noted above, I believe your strategy, while well-intended, is not viable, and would waste valuable time and resources that could be put to use towards other strategies.

Additionally, you have laid it out in a public board, for the world to see.