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Should we boycott Ron Paul's rally?

Since Ron Paul and his campaign staff have once again tried to sabotage our delegates efforts to get him nominated from the floor with this latest "compromise" they made costing us the five states needed to do so, I think perhaps a boycott of Ron Paul's rally might be in order to send them a message that we will not tolerate their persistence of making Mitt Romney the nominee, and show them and the press that we refuse to go along with their nominee choice.

As I mentioned in another thread, we do have other options, including joining forces with Santorum delegates and the states they control to give us the five states needed to nominate someone else other than Mitt Romney.

I think Ron Paul and his campaign staff need to be sent a message, a message that we refuse to go along with their plans of allowing only Mitt Romney to be nominated from the floor, and this boycott would be a simple and harmless way to deliver that message.

Does everyone else agree?

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Of course I've down-voted

Of course I've down-voted this thread, but a nagging question not leaving my mind:

In March, Jesse Benton went on MSNBC and claimed : "Sure, if there is an option of negotiating with Romney campaign whereby an important cabinet position is secured for Ron Paul or Ron Paul people...We would not rule it out."


Obviously Ron Paul was aware that Benton gave that interview. He is too smart to not be aware what his own campaign staff is telling to the media. Despite this, he let the campaign continue on that path. Jesse Benton wasn't fired.

Why, why, why????

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!




you just won the dumbest question award.

If this compormise is accurate

then there is a real problem with the campaign. How dare they ignore or compromise all the hard work and money the people put in to be delegates for Paul.

A message does indeed need to be sent to the campaign for the fact is, the campaign has sent a message to the rest of the GOP, that we are no threat and can do no harm at the convention.

Dont want to say this but...

Don't want to say this to you but ill take Ron Pauls 35 years experience in politics over your knowledge and predictions any day.