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Plea To All Delegates:No Deals!

Complete ShanArchy reacts to recent developments concerning Louisiana delegates that struck a deal with Romney: I remember a time, not too long ago, where WE would be the ones giving HIM 17 delegates and keeping the rest. And, now?





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Get real

Each state has it's own laws and rules. CA is winner takes all. Still committee's job is to VET delegates, so if the committee didn't KNOW you, they had every right to dump you.

I deal with the Devil everyday. What's not cool is thinking that you don't. THINK harder why don't you?

You pay taxes.. you deal with the devil.. you pay SS,,, you're dealing with the devil.. any contract you sign is dealing with the Devil, and if you don't think it is.. you've got a lot to learn.

If you didn't do what Ron Paul asked, you're not on the team. You can cheer all you want.. I guess some folks here need those cheers?

But for me, those cheers are not going to help me achive liberty on the ballot anymore than if they were coming from Obama, Romney or the Devil himself.

There isn't a person here helping me in my county establish Liberty.. I don't even thin=k there is anyone from my State, CA. If there is, they sure are quiet.

Who are you and what did you

Who are you and what did you do with Granger? It's like talking to a rock.

Sorry Granger. You were once one of my favorite DPers. But you've changed. Send me a message when your old self returns.

Carry on. I'm done.

What Granger writes here is correct.

That said, some campaign folks give away the house before they show any strength. So, in theory you are right, and I'm sure as you apply it you do so correctly. That said, the campaign staff has less hands on party experience than you do - BELIEVE IT - and dont have the wisdom you have gained from hands on with GOP.

Winning strategy for who.

There is nothing that the GOP can offer except for promises and a smile. Net value zero.

How do liberty minded people make a deal with slave drivers?

Free includes debt-free!

That's why be joined the GOP

It's one thing when you are on the outside looking for handouts, it's quite another when you are the one handing out.

Become the slave driver and then set the slaves free.

You know, Palin's grassroots seems to get this, and it appears, they will become the new slave drivers. They listened to Ron Paul better than many of us did. They saw the opportunity Ron Paul was asking us to take, and they're taking it, going to make sure YOU don't.

Yeah, I'm going to be cutting deals, for OUR liberty, just like Ron Paul did for OUR liberty. It's too bad you were so above making deals, as all you did was set yourself up to lose what little liberty is left.

It's not compromise...

If you are the only one compromising, then it is capitulation. Period.

As they steal our ideas

It is compromise on their part and not stealing if we remain in our seats and standing for Ron Paul's message.

When you follow orders...

The only way you will be allowed to keep your seats is to water down the message.

When you violate your principles

When you give legitimacy to the illegitimate

You have forsaken your principles in order to save them.

and you join the class of "we had to destroy the village in order to save it... we had to abandon free market principles to save the free market... we had to rip up the Constitution to preserve our Constitutional rights..."

See where this leads. There is no such thing as "creative destruction", there is ONLY destruction. You either are an agent for it, or a patriot sworn against it.


I don't agree

I have done what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, which from the very beginning, as far as YOU are concerned, watered down my principles, as I NEVER intended to join the GOP, and would not have, had I not actually did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do.

Your principles appear to be not doing what Ron Paul asked YOU to do, but act like you are for Ron Paul.

Let's face it, not only are you NOT for Ron Paul, not doing what Ron Paul asked you to do, NOT having the integrity, principles, abilities of Ron Paul, but you don't even try.

Your stump is more like a toad stool.

It's not in their interest to act in yours...

That is why it is always YOU that has to compromise.

You saw what William Wallace got when he attempted to collaborate with Robert the Bruce... Your hubris here is unbelievable! Your attitude sells it REALLY well. Anger is a sign of weakness. Usually symptomatic of an individual who is speaking in half truths and lies to get attention and divide and direct one to their own aims...

Think about it if it is really worth all your effort and time trying to get free people to follow your will, if they do not see the point of it. Then adjust your approach to selling your views, you might get a better response from those on here, if you do... Until that time. Expect this.

Your paradoxically attacking people on the basis of their principles, for not substituting what they learned from Ron Paul, for what is required in corrupt party politics. Until you rectify this with yourself, you will continue to attack, post and repost the same diatribes that have gotten you to this point in time.

If your not winning the argument, then it is you that has to change.

We do not deal...

with terrorists.



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Compromise with Romney =

Compromising with the enemy. When someone has to strike a DEAL with you, that means they are LOSING!So why do anything other than stand your ground!!?