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Half of Florida Delegates Lose Vote

Now there's additional good news and bad news for the Florida GOP.

The bad: The Republican National Committee won't back off cutting Florida's voting delegates from 99 to 50, and it will strip Florida of more than 160 guest passes. Nor will the Florida delegation have prime front row seats at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, as they often have had at prior conventions.

The good: Even though Florida will have only 50 voting delegates on the floor, the RNC will allow another 49 to join the delegation on the floor as "honored guests."


Looks like a few less votes for Romney.

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People draw differennt conclusions

from the same event.

To me this indicates only one thing - RNC feels COMFORTABLE they have enough votes for Romney so they do not have to violate their own rules this time.

A Lot of the Delegates

This is actually bad news. A lot of the delegates in Florida are closet RP supporters. Many of them are planning to vote for Paul on the first ballot.

Where did you get that

Where did you get that information? The Florida delegates were chosen by the party, so they are most definitely not stealth Paul supporters.


RP supporters who will be voting for RP not Romney.

Having less Romney "bound" delegates (which doesn't mean anything at the RNC as formentioned) is neutral...neither good or bad unless its less than the required bound delegates to wrap up the nomination for Romney if they voted in his favor.

Or no change from late last year

At least the RNC didn't repeal the penalty imposed on Florida for early voting winner take all.

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I concur...

Florida is getting penalized for moving their primary date from May(?) to February(?); can't remember the exact dates. It's safe to assume the reason why RNC didn't budge too much on a deal now because they already did. Florida remained a Winner-Takes-All state. According to the RNC rules it had the choice of either penalty.