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Romneycare now funding FREE abortions. Romney Disqualifier


A disqualifier for Mitt Romney's candidacy
By Amy Contrada

RomneyCare now offers free elective surgical abortions.

Mitt Romney was the enabler. This is how his government-dictated health plan is playing out. And he's still proud of it. When he does touch on defects in his health plan, he never mentions abortion coverage as a problem. He's either fine with it, or realizes he has to downplay it to get the conservative vote.

When the law was first implemented, there was a $50 copay for a RomneyCare elective surgical abortion. Now RomneyCare abortions are "free" for a $0 copay (or $50-$100 in some plans). In fact, the $0 copay shows up as early as 2008 at the Massachusetts Health Care Connector site. (The "Commonwealth Care" plans cover low-income residents, many of whom pay no monthly premiums.)

Of course, the abortions are not exactly free. We, the taxpayers cover the cost, whether we want to or not.

Amazingly, as overall RomneyCare costs and insurance premiums escalate, the copay for abortion drops! Why?

Because government health care is promoting abortion. This is really about "population control" by arrogant politicians and bureaucrat elites, righteously implementing Margaret Sanger's eugenics dream. They don't like excess people, especially if they're "low income."

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with the passage of the GOP Platform, this indeed, should be one more reason to DQ Mittens