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ATTENTION credentials contests : I have gathered email addresses for 145 of the 168 voting members of the RNC

ATTENTION credentials contest folks : I have gathered and am sharing with you email addresses for 145 of the 168 voting members of the RNC

These are the people who vote on whether to seat our contested delegate or not. They will probably not see our actual contests or objections, only the RNC contest committee's report & recommendation!

emailing them your contest information, or calling them might help them get this info!

If anyone can fill in the gaps or has corrections, please post updates in this thread.

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Bump for Washington

Where it appears the RNC Committee on Contests did not even read the contestants' material since their "decision" invents things not in the contestants' position statement and objection.

Phil. 4:13


Also, is it too late for us to challenge what happened in North Dakota? A case could easily be made that the Romney camp stole that state through deception. If they are going to challenge our delegates with no evidence, the least we could do is to challenge their delegates with evidence!

the notice of contest was due

the notice of contest was due a couple of weeks ago, July 28, and the full statement in support of contest was due Aug 1st.

CA emails have been updated

CA emails have been updated thanks to feedback from a reader

Finally...ACTION! That is Ron Paul style!

Thank-you for your hard work. Advise if there are updates from yourself or anyone else please.

There is a challenge in process also from out in Washington, against 17 Romney delegates illegally chosen by 500+ illegally elected state delegates! I hear the challenge argument are 95 pages long... not counting supporting documents and affidavits!

The RNC contest committee met Saturday last to consider written testimony on that Washington case, to decide their 'jurisdiction' to hear! They are mum right now. Maybe the Washington folks should publish all 95 pages as an epitaph to the deceased or nearly deceased GOP! Then send all these RNC members a copy!

On another note... one needed a towel for tears and a strong stomach to keep from smashing the screen, as we watched the 'Ron Paul few', attempt to make a noise in the Platform 'fake debate'.

They were, sorry to say, woefully unprepared to DEBATE their motions... totally unprepared to give a prepared speech in favor, to rebut the NEOCON frauds who arrogantly and condescendingly kept the rest of the sheeple in line with the NWO anti-liberty empire from sunrise to sunset, agenda!

They were unprepared to USE ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER properly, and claim their closing argument RIGHT with a prepared speech. Contrary to the establishment's improper use of RROO at that meeting, the maker of those motions has the right to close arguments notwithstanding any motion to call the question! It needs to be claimed. It needs to be owned.

Where was the preparation by the campaign, for this 'great' platform debate, and Santorum verses Paul showdown?!

If the RP campaign thought they would have a presence and some moxy at the platform debate, they were either sadly mistaken, woefully naive, or treacherously culpable! I shudder to think the latter; I am ashamed to think the former!

We were simply unprepared to speak for, passionately defend, debate with cutting edge, or close with strong reiteration, on behalf of the constitution, freedom, liberty, sound money, limited government, founders non-interventionism, just war!

Sadly the Ron Paul campaign appears to have supplied some committee members with whom the establishment was content, and possibly even smiled upon with favor.

After all, they said a good time was had by all. The GOP is having fun!

I have strong doubts that my friends and relatives fingering counterfeited coins, debased and depleted in value, and now living to work for little but poverty, will smile! Nor do I have confidence that my friends and relatives mistakenly under the cross-hairs of drones will be comforted by this sentiment!

May the Lord of our founders keep us all, especially those who were in that room and will be next week. I have no doubt their hearts were in the right place.



thanks everyone, it took all

thanks everyone, it took all night but it was worth it! going to bed now, ZZZzzz...

plz don't forget our Oregon alternate delegate contest when you email/call on this list


This is amazing!!

Just amazing!


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


THIS is why we are WINNING! Jinn has given everyone the tool they need to make a difference. If you are reading this, if you are at your computer, you are now in a position to actually make a difference! You can help to turn the tide. You can drive the conversation and ADVANCE THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT!!! Click and win Patriots !!! Now is the time! Whoot !


I couldn't open the file, saw it was .xls, some kind of Microsoft-based spreadsheet file? I use a Mac and don't have any special programs to run specific files. If there was some kind of plain text file then it would be able to be opened using pretty much every OS out there.

Or Use

Libre Office

Phil. 4:13

use OpenOffice

OO will open xls files.

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Thank you for doing this!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.