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NPR: Romney And GOP Strike Deal With Ron Paul Loyalists Before Convention

GOP officials and the Mitt Romney campaign have cut a deal with Texas Rep. Ron Paul's campaign to allow some — though not all — of Paul's delegates from Louisiana and Massachusetts to be seated at the Republican National Convention. The status of Maine's delegates remains unsettled.

The compromise would appear to avert a potential public clash with Paul supporters during the convention's opening day Monday.


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So we get a few more delegates.

No we got screwed out of delegates. Every one has to make a call on this one. So we give you a few more delegate and now you can act like nice little boys and girls and sit down and keep your mouth shut. Does that make any sense to any one?
Sorry but that is not going to happen with this delegate. We were shafted out of the plurality. If we sit down and keep quite we come home with absolutely noting. The MSM can kick it out there anyway they want but I am going to speak my mind down there. I have made my call.

Not holding out much hope

The RNC has shut down the Paul campaign with the help of J.B. and
Romney.Ron Paul gave up the fight awhile ago,this is all about
platform issues.It was a fun fight while it lasted but since they
quit fighting i'll move on.Maybe vote Johnson or write in Paul but
it's time to look to 2016.The Romney train left the station and only
took Rand with while giving us the finger,it's going to be fun watching him lose.His father lost to Nixon and Obama's going to smoke
that boy like a Kool cigerette.


invest in ky jelly stock.

invest in ky jelly stock. Because any deal will equal us getting screwed unless they nominate Ron Paul of course. This smells of crap! Might as well bendover and enjoy if Ron paul is not the nominee. The rnc/gop are about to F U !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul 2016

thy need a flood of emails

Asking 'who is ron paul and how does he have any delegates. Ive listened to npr and never heard anything about a contreversy in Mass or LA... '
Now all the MSM report on developments acting as if their listeners have any idea what theyre talking about. Certainly not outright cheating and violence/ breaking bones...

Unless hy havr been watching Ben Swann everynight most people have no idea what Romney has been up to.

This quote is telling...

"We will get our way if we want to, but if you guys are willing to go along with where we're going, we'll let you be part of this," said Putnam.

Join us or die....?

sellout and bendover for

sellout and bendover for status quo is what it sounds like to me.

Ron Paul 2016