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Warning for Tampa-goers: Your cell phone battery will poop out in minutes.

To anyone planning on recording events in tampa, please don't rely on your cell phone battery. Test the longevity by hittting record before you go to bed tonight. Be sure you bring extra batteries and will have a way to charge the batteries you're not using.

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the "EXPECTED" hurricane...

...might just knock the cell phones out physically or otherwise!

(they keep mentioning it on national radio newscasts...why?)

I hope people will have a safe, acceptable way to steady their

cameras. I would like clear sound & steady video, but they want ice water in hell too *

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Not to.have cell phone or spare batteries confiscated. Maybe stuff a napkin in the bottom of your shirt pocket so you can film hands free.
Ive read that no recordings will be tolerated other than approved msm media.


That's not what the list of prohibited items says.

thanks kongvault, i was wrong

I misread the prohibited items list. I downvoted my comment, others should too. apparently its only "camcorders", tripods, and any lens over 4 inches that only media are allowed to have. I was getting shades of the whole Missouri state convention fiasco mixed up.

I still wouldn't hold it against Romney's goon squad, they're liable to break out the red umbrellas, inside no less. of course they are not worried about bad luck, they plan to lose to Obama anyway.

Anker Astro portable USB chargers

Excellent tools. Get one of these if you don't have one.

Anker Astro products on Amazon

^ Not a spam or affiliate link, just product search results page

I can confirm the Anker

I can confirm the Anker products are excellent, I'll have one ready to go for Tampa. Originally paid around $80 for one at Rat Shack, but I was able to get more than twice the capacity (mah) for $50 with the Anker online. (And it's got a useful LED flashlight as well).

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Good idea.


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