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Maine Only Holdout in GOP Negotiations to Seat Ron Paul Delegates

By Christopher Cousins | Bangor Daily News

Maine is the last state whose delegates to the Republican National Convention next week are still unsure whether they’ll be seated in support of conservative Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

At issue are 20 of Maine’s 24 delegates to the national GOP convention, which kicks off Sunday in Tampa, Fla.

GOP officials and the Mitt Romney campaign forged a deal that would allow some of Paul’s delegates from Louisiana and Massachusetts to be seated. NPR reported that pro-Paul delegations from Iowa, Nevada and Minnesota have already been credentialed for the convention, and that a deal has been struck for some of Paul’s delegates from Louisiana and Massachusetts to be seated, but not all of them.


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Go here, express outrage in

Go here, express outrage in this thread pls:


Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I think It's over

The RNC named the 20 delegates - 10 for Romney and 10 for Ron Paul - Ron Paul delegates refused to name the 10 so the RNC named the 10 - one final appeal to the Credentials Committee but you know that this will fail - so either the 10 take their seats or no RP from MN will be allowed to vote.

oh it's not over

The credentials committee has the next to final say, but what would be really embarrassing for Romney is if the Gov. of Maine takes to the floor of the convention and asks that the Original delegates be seated.

The floor of the convention has the final say, and I can assure you if the Gov. of Maine ask the entire convention that the duly elected delegates be seated, the convention will respond with a YES vote.


A convention stacked with Romney delegates is going to respond with a YES - want to bet on that one? And what makes you think LePage will actually do this?

How does a 50-50 split work?

If RP has HALF the delegates, and Romney has HALF the delegates, then neither has a majority? Or do they both have a "majority"? Romney can afford to lose a state's delegation; we cannot.

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Are you that simple or that uninformed

Going into the dispute the Maine delegate breakdown was 20 for Ron Paul, 3 for Mitt Romney and one uncommitted - the dispute was over the 20 Ron Paul delegates only - now if they are split 10 / 10 which is not just the deal - IT HAS HAPPENED - then Romney carries the state 13 to 10 with one unknown.


The unknown is the Governor.

He Claimed to be a Romney Supporter

But under the circumstances it would be fair for him to vote with the RP faction.

Are you that rude or that

Are you that rude or that crude? Some of you people here are nasty and getting nastier.

You're right

I regret addressing this person like this - I will make sure to never do that again. I'm sorry to everyone in here for making that comment which was rude and crude. I would edit the post but that seems so cowardly - at least this way I am not hiding from my actions but I do truly regret the comment and appreciate that you rightly pointed out to me my rudeness so that I can avoid it in the future.

Very cool and gracious, MLJ.

As you can see I am short tempered myself today. I'm sure Ron Paul could have done better than I did in my comment. Thank you for your kindness.

Good luck and safe journey to all of our terrific delegates in the coming week. Now that's something we can all agree on.

Oh I see

Thanks for explaining. Not sure why you have to be condescending, though. Nobody knows everything, and I'm just asking a question, which is how people learn things. We're in this together. For liberty!

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I'm Sorry

I should have never addressed you like this - please accept my apologies.
I will try to never do this again.

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RNC named....?(delegates)

How is this even conceivable?

I was a ME state convention delegate who sat through a weekend that ended with the nomination and election of national delegates.

What a joke conventions are when they can just NAME THEM at will!

The state and local (R) candidates will lose in November...except for a few Liberty ones.

I am fighting mad at this point.

please, tell me where you get

please, tell me where you get your info from.

Nothing has been ruled as of yet

Why bother with elections...

...when the GOP picks the delegates rather than the voters? The corruption stinks to high heaven.

"The Sanction of the Victim"

I'm not that huge of an Ayn Rand fan, but this all reminds me of the "The Sanction of the Victim" stuff from the novel Atlas Shrugged. To consent to deals is to sanction the theft itself in that it assumes the criminals have the legitimate standing to negotiate. Maine hasn't legitimized the criminals. Whether they're seated or not, whether there is a dramatic scene or not, as long as they stick to their principles and fight for every inch, and ignore both the RNC AND anybody in the Paul campaign (even up to individual phone calls from Ron himself) that tries to dissuade them, they will be a light in this darkness.

It looks like a number of people, by making deals, have essentially agreed to be part of a cover-up of what has been done against the people in the respective states. Don't let the crimes of the establishment be sold as a general political negotiation. Don't co-sign that fraudulent fiction.

Thank you, Mainers! And don't forget that the entire freedom-loving population of the world is behind you.

Maybe RP and Some Supporters

Were never on the same page - you see this as a fight for freedom and I think that the RP campaign for the RP family is the RP family business - they will compromise because pragmatism tells them that Rand will have no future if they antagonize the Republican Party rank and file after Ron no longer had a realistic chance to win. You see it as good and evil - black and white - but unfortunately as with most things in life grey is the predominant color and Ron Paul is a grey figure - maybe a lighter shade than some other politicians but he is hardly lily white and above cutting a deal - which has been done here.

Next time focus on the message which is a good one and don't make any human being a political deity to be followed mindlessly - because human beings will always disappoint but the message may just be above human fraility.

I can't think of anything more black and white

It IS a fight for freedom. It IS black and white. It IS good and evil. It's been very obvious for a long, long time that the official campaign is focused on Rand 2016, but I don't see how that makes the battle between the Mainers and the establishment any less an epic battle of pure rightfulness vs. pure wrongfulness. My post wasn't about Ron Paul as a person, and in fact I only mentioned him to encourage the Mainers to ignore him if he tries to lead them astray. Ron Paul can refuse the party nomination. He can ask delegates not to vote for him, although they have the right not to listen.

what nobody can rightfully do is tell those delegats to stay home. Even if the national delegates themselves agree, it's still wrong because then the STATE delegates are being betrayed, as they voted for non-establishment NATIONAL delegates. I didn't say Ron Paul or the official campaign was the light in the darkness, I said that the Mainers are. Not because of who they are but what they're doing.

Thief, victim negotiate partial return of loot

Seriously? Romney and his goons are cheating, lying, un-American SOBs who disgrace the GOP.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

The delegates are people

each with a vote.

They are not possessions to be traded.

Cut No Deals

Wish I Were There with Ya Guys...

They can take our life, but they can't take away our spirit of liberty!

Maine is not budging. They

Maine is not budging. They can take all of us, or break their own rules and throw us out.

The Maine Delegation now has their own web site. Meet the people who are going to Tampa!


Can't wait to meet you and

Can't wait to meet you and the other Maine delegates Ginger! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. I am a guest of one of your national delegates.

Awesome idea on the website! Give all the media interviews you can once you guys are down there. Good luck and hope to see you Sunday at the Rally.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

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This is an awesome website, thank you Ginger. I'm so proud

of our Maine delegates!!!


Evidently, it looks like the

Evidently, it looks like the RNC is planning on replacing the whole lot of you stubborn Paul supporters from Maine .... Are you ready for a fight?

Whatever you do, don't compromise. If the RNC replaces your whole delegation with Romney hacks, then you'll retain your dignity and voice after the farce of the convention is completed. Everyone at the convention will know that the substitute delegation does NOT represent Maine and the results of the convention will be a farce to giggle about and exploit later while Romney pursues his presidential ambition. Imagine an advertisement featuring your delegation which exposes the farce of the GOP's nomination of Romney through the RNC's unilaterally replacing duly elected delegates loyal to Ron Paul with surrogates loyal to Romney. Romney can only win through FRAUD.

You guys have balls..Stick to your guns and fight these bastards

Don't listen to Benton or Olsen or the rest of the bought and paid for Romney hacks..

RNC and GOP and Romney Campaign Working to Defraud Ron Paul 2012

There needs to be criminal charges filed and a Grand Jury investigation on the attempted conspiracy to rig or defraud congressman Ron Paul from being nominated at the RNC for president of the United States.

Why is the Paul 2012 campaign bargaining with these criminals? His delegates were selected, elected or nominated by their respective state conventions. This is nothing more than criminal.

What is the point in these talks if the Paul campaign is in their right to seat the duly elected delegates..

Don't tell me this is just a distraction. You don't let criminals run rough shot over you and limit or prevent you from your original stated goal: To win the Rupublican nomination...

I say, "Enough is enough!!"