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Deb Riechmann Of Ap Writes: "Americans Tune Out Afghan War As Fighting Rages On." Wow Really

"It was once President Barack Obama's "war of necessity." Now, it's America's forgotten war.

The Afghan conflict generates barely a whisper on the U.S. presidential campaign trail. It's not a hot topic at the office water cooler or in the halls of Congress - even though more than 80,000 American troops are still fighting here and dying at a rate of one a day."

[via drudge>>Mywaynews.com]

Its simply amazing that the media does not report anything on the on going war and blame the American public (whom they have deliberately kept in the dark) of caring little about the war.

Forget that this is deceptive, insincere, and dishonest OR lack any journalistic integrity...but what really gets me...

...is the psychological outlook of such a creature. It begs the question: Is this thing a psychopath?

Here is a video of her as a guest in an interview.


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