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Your Input Needed - Are We Losing Ground? Is Compromise With The RNC Good?

Robert Scott Bell is asking for your input for his show on Friday where he will be covering the growing list of "compromises" taking place regarding delegates being seated at the convention.

Are you satisfied with the deals being struck with the RNC? Are the compromises being made a victory or a defeat? If Ron Paul isn't nominated from the floor, will you trust Romney to follow through with the "compromises" if he is elected? How will you vote if it comes down to Romney vs Obama?

Robert wants to hear what you have to say. You can call his message line at 866-939-2355 and leave a message. He will air your comments on the Friday show.

You can also post your comment at his facebook page here http://on.fb.me/O518u8

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I personally worked very hard

and so did many others, to get delegates voted in who would vote for Ron Paul on my behalf. From precinct to county to district to state... and now national. I expect those people to represent the people who worked to get them there, and hope they do. It's a Republic, that's what it is about. Sending people up the road with your voice.

And yes (G) I am active at the county committee level, go to the meetings and talk to/ listen to people, though not yet seated and not entirely sure I can do more following that route vs as an Independent. I will not - cannot in good conscience - support Romney, or several other local store-bought 'GOP' politicians... but there is this one brave, sincere and honest guy..... a really good candidate for representative of my district, and I will help him as much as I can. Not a Ron Paul supporter, but the areas we disagree take a backseat to the incredibly important issues we do agree on. That he is brave and honest and not neutered by greed - priceless.

Wish I could say the same for Romney - but it's simply not true. We will never get more than what we ask for. Compromising ourselves, in one way or another... is what has gotten us this far off track as a country. We've compromised our principles by allowing criminals to 'represent us' and it is biting us in the collective ass. It's time to stop the momentous devolution, live autonomously and ask for what we want.

Who is Robert Scott Bell and

Who is Robert Scott Bell and why should I care what he and his listeners think about something as vague and undefined as "compromise with the RNC"?

This is a ploy to divide and dissipate the fools among us who aren't actually DOING anything constructive for the movement except claiming to speak for us.

Shut up and start actually DOING something!

FYI, talking is not the same as DOING!

I'd say I'm with Ron Paul on the issue of Compromise.

Ron Paul on Principle, Compromise, and Democracy.


A taste like ashes...

“The strategy that the Paul political machine is moving forward is not of the taste of a lot of the grassroots and it never has been,” Reason magazine senior editor Brian Doherty,

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/22/ron-paul-activists-uneasil...

Why would anyone of you need

Why would anyone of you need to compromise? The delegation in every Ron Paul plurality state was awarded fairly and justly. Why would the delegate slates and the campaign need to compromise any victory unless they are being blackmailed?

All i can say is

better take cover because the Jelly Doughnuts are starting to fly...
this isnt going to be purdy....If they have already compromised duly elected delegates that's a sure sign of where things are headed...A Romney love fest....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

We should work things out with the GOP

But we must make it clear we will only vote for Ron Paul
They have to accept our point of view and that is we will not just accept anybody to represent us.
The only people who we will vote for are honest American politicians that have no baggage.
We will not vote for anybody ever that voted for tarp, health care , unconstitutional wars.
We want an audit of the fed an an end to the war on drugs... Ect.. Ext.

cooperation not compromise

There is a video clip going around about a Liberty-type breaking through to the local Occupy Wall Street group about red light cameras. He mentioned co-operation versus compromise. Maybe this means as long as the ball is definately going your way down the field, and there is no other immediate good way to get there- go for it. As long as in doing so you do not give a way your core principals.

For example: Ron Paul thinks we need to get rid of the Fed. He can't get that through congress; but he can get an audit and he cooperates to get this done. Now lets say some one said to Ron, "You can have your audit as long as you promise not to try to end it" that would be a compromise of a core goal.

I would be slow to judge in this case.


Compromise with a liar?

This sounds just as pathetic as the battered wife going back again and again to her abuser.


that's what I think about compromise.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb


I thought Dr. Paul taught us to be about forming coalitions, and to never compromise.

In my opinion, compromising

In my opinion, compromising is an illegitimate means that leads to an evil ends. Only good means can produce good ends. Really the great temptation that Satan uses over and over is the lie that we will gain something by compromising. However, I am going to trust that they are not compromising in what they are doing. I do not know the details and I cannot force others not to compromise anyways. For example letting someone steal from you is not a compromise. Jesus said if someone slaps you on one cheek turn to him the other. If they take your cloak give them your tunic. If they force you to go with them 1 mile go with them 2 miles. So I think we should withold our accusations that they are compromising and leave the accusing to the accuser.

The Game

If someone stole $500 from you, is it OK to compromise and settle for $200 to be returned? How about if your chances of getting anything back would be zero if you refused the offer to "settle"?

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Sounds like my taxes.

Sounds like my taxes.

End The Fed!
BTC: 1A3JAJwLVG2pz8GLfdgWhcePMtc3ozgWtz

If we compromise then it is

accepting the status quo.

So what in the world have we been fighting for?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


Rarely does my blood boil when I read the posts here. Yet this talk show host and his question, at this late stage of the game, really did it for me!

We can not compromise with the corrupt machine! All one has to do is watch the clips of Romney o er the years. Romney is not a man of integrity and can not be trusted!

And ALL of the delegates need to be seated!

Aye, No Compromise

No two words written or spoken hold more meaning.

Here ya go:

Please pass these on to Mr. Bell...

Are you satisfied with the deals being struck with the RNC?

Hell no. They are capitulations. Romney is the only one benefitting here.

Are the compromises being made a victory or a defeat?

See above - defeat. They've now likely cost Paul the possibility of being put up for nomination - thus victory would be impossible since he won't be even an option to vote for.

If Ron Paul isn't nominated from the floor, will you trust Romney to follow through with the "compromises" if he is elected?

Seriously? You really have to ask that question? We aren't the morons of the country who believe everything a politician promises. That question is an insult.

How will you vote if it comes down to Romney vs Obama?

Not this again! More stupidity!! There are NOT only two choices. There is no "run-off" for President. Thus it will never be "down to" only Romney and Obama. Get it through your thick skull. And if every other candidate were kicked off the ballot, and it really WAS only between Romney and Obama, I would not vote. It wouldn't make a difference who won. The end result will be the same.

NO compromise on the delegates fairly won at the state level

I had already decided to either write in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson....I will never vote for Romney or Obama. Today my decision was overwhelmingly cemented when I decided to look at campaign contributions for the congress seeking re-election. I went to opensecrets.org and guess what I found out.............Clair McCaskill(democrat from Missouri) received over 20,000 dollars in campaign contributions from Bain Capital.Then this was the real sleazy one Nancy Pelosi also received 10,000 dollars in campaign contributions from Bain Capital.If you do not believe me you only have to go to opensecrets.org to see the same thing I did. Ron Paul is the only conservative running......his delegates are the only voice we have..........no comprimise!!!!!!!


Just called and left my 2 cents on the subject

looking forward to listening