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Shield Mutual: Activist Insurance Against Government Aggression

With the disturbing case of former Marine Brandon Raub, who was arrested by the FBI & Secret Service following a series of aggressive, anti-government Facebook posts and carted against his will into a psychiatric prison where he will be held for a month (at least), this novel “insurance” company is looking like an interesting option.

Shield Mutual bills itself as activist insurance, using a tongue-in-cheek tag line of “Government attack? We’ve got your back.” However, the organization actually provides a very unique blend of offerings, which, if handled correctly could be very effective should someone be spirited away by government spooks in the night. From the Shield Mutual website:

When governments attack, we spring into action – but only in accordance with your instructions. We connect conscious individuals in a network for maximum impact. We produce a range of appropriate media, from websites and flyers to social media and press releases.

They also promise to raise funds to aid in whatever ways are needed in addition to other services. Continue Reading

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Competitive Voluntary Government can take on many forms and if there is an actual demand for it then the competitive suppliers will gain market share by supplying higher quality and lower cost products.

Why would that be a surprise?


OMG, this is brilliant! LOL

OMG, this is brilliant! LOL So sad that its even necessary but the free market never fails to deliver!

Blessings )o(

Kidnap and Ransom insurance

Its not exactly new, just not needed in the USA before NDAA


LOL Haha HOHO LOL!!!!!
Sad part is, it may be needed!!!
Governments probably behind it!!!Played from both ends!!! LOL;-(

Brilliant idea

Definitely gonna look into this one

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

More Important

Than health insurance?? Haha, no use for health insurance if you're in jail anyway.