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WA State Senate Race

What do you all think of Michael Baumgartner? He is a strong supporter of Audit the Fed and getting out of Afghanistan. Can we help him get elected? His poignant comments to a certain journalist really resonated with me:


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I've seen him at the WA Convention, and was told by a few people I respect that he was alright. He wants attention for us getting out of Afghanistan, and both him and his wife have served. But I'm pretty sure he was for Romney and that makes me want to question his judgement. However he is a "real" person and would be probably the best we could hope for at this point this year.

Yeah, I think I saw him there

Yeah, I think I saw him there with the Romney sticker too. Maybe it was just to please the GOP overlords, since it's a pretty big position after all. But it looks like they're mostly leaving him out to dry anyway.